Washing Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes need to be washed quite regularly, depending on how much you use them. It is generally recommended to wash your brushes at least once a month but it is good to do it more regularly than that especially if you use the brushes every day. Washing your brushes is going to get all the bacteria of them and is also going to maintain your brushes so that they last for ages.

I’m going to go through how I wash my makeup brushes step by step.

What you will Need  

Running water

Baby Shampoo (any brand)

Elastic Bands (or a brush dry rack)

Something to tie elastic bands around to hang

Your hand (or a sigma brush washing glove)

A Towel


Step 1- Wet the Brush Fibers

Wet the fibers on the brush with water, making sure not to get water directly on the black handle of the brush. It doesn’t really matter if the water is warm or cold and since you will have to turn the tap on and off periodically, it’s easier to just use cold water.

Step 2- Put Baby Shampoo in your palm (or on sigma glove)

Put some baby shampoo in the palm of your hand ready to dip the brush into it. You only need a tiny bit of the product on your hand because it spreads when you swirl the brush.

Step 3- Swirl the brush fibers around in the Baby Shampoo

Start swirling the head of the brush around in the baby shampoo in your palm. Use circular motions

Step 4- Swirl brush right around so that product comes out

Swirl the brush around in circular motions so that all of the product comes out and the baby shampoo turns a different color. Make sure you get every angle of the brush, turning the brush head on it’s side so that you can swirl it around in the product too. You can start swirling the brush around in straight lines to get all product out.

Step 5– Rinse the brush

After you have got all the product out of the brush and the head is back to it’s normal color, rinse the Baby Shampoo completely out of the brush. When the water runs clear, all the product is out.

Step 6- Dry and Reshape the brush

Once all the product is out of the brush, dry the bristles and the handle with a towel. Reshape the head of the brush by wrapping the towel around it.

Step 7 – Tie to Rack or Stand with Elastic Band

Hang the brush facing down with an elastic band. You can hang the brushes from so many places! Here I have used the towel rack in my bathroom, but any piece of furniture or object (including a coat hanger) that you can wrap elastic bands around will do. If you wanted the brushes to dry faster, you could even hang them to your clothes line outside with a band.

How to Tie Bands to hold Brushes

Step 8- Make sure brush head is hanging down

Hang the brush so the head is facing down. This is going to ensure that water doesn’t seep down into the handle which will loosen up the glue.

Leave brushes to dry overnight 

Summary of Steps

Things you can buy to make Washing Brushes easier

Sigma Hand Glove

Brush Dry Rack

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