Violet Voss Hashtag Palette Mini Review + Arm Swatches

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Today I am going to be talking about and swatching the Violet Voss Hashtag Palette!!!!

Violet Voss Hashtag Palette Description, Product Info + First Impressions

The Violet Voss Hashtag Palette is a pressed powder eyeshadow palette that contains 20 eyeshadows in matte and shimmery finishes. I ALWAYS write the weight of the eyeshadows in my posts,, but unfortunately I threw out the box and the information is not on the actual palette, so I have no clue how much product it contains. I can remember through that it is made in China, but I forget the shelf life length.

The formula of the shadows is the same as all of the Violet Voss eyeshadow formula’s, which is pretty damn good. The mattes blend out perfectly and have a good colour pay-off. They don’t get messy and have hardly no kick-up or fall-out. The shimmer shades are beautiful, extremely extremely pigmented and glide onto the lid so brightly.  They come up pigmented on the lid alone, but work even better when applied over a cut lid or an opaque base, as most eyeshadows do.

I will say, I wish there were a few more mattes in the palette to compliment all of the shimmery shades. There are only 7 matte shades in comparison to 13 shimmery shades, which isn’t that bad but I think 1 or 2 more matte shades would of added to the variety of different looks you can create. I also found that the palette was lacking a cool-toned brown matte shade, and most of the mattes did throw off warm tones. I do tend to prefer cool toned transition shades rather than warm, so if you prefer warm this won’t be a problem for you. I can deffo make the warm toned mattes work though and they go with all of the shimmery shades.

All in all, I find this palette beautiful and I really like it. I do find it a tad bit expensive, but you do get a beautiful mixture of shades and you can create a variety of different looks with it. I am going to be posting a full review of this palette in the future, with pictures of all of the eyeshadows on my eyes!!

Here is a picture of a look I did with this palette!!!!!

I have wrote a step by step tutorial on this look if you want to see it, here is the link (will also link at end) – Violet Voss Hashtag Palette Look 1 + Review – Purple Shimmery Smokey Eye Tutorial

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Now let’s get into the arm swatches babes!!!!!!!

Row 1 in Palette

Shade 1 Fresh

Fresh is a Matte Creamy Ivory Shade

Shade 2 Sauce

Sauce is a Matte Light Orange Brown Shade

Shade 3 Savage

Savage is a Matte Orange Shade

Shade 4– G.O.A.T

G.O.A.T is a Matte Deep Red Brown Shade

Shade 5– ILY

ILY is a Matte Black Shade

Row 2 in Palette

Shade 6- Truth

Truth is a Shimmery True Gold Shade

Shade 7- Lady Boss

Lady Boss is a Shimmery Metallic Gold Shade

Shade 8- No Filter

No Filter is a Shimmery Bronze Gold Shade

Shade 9- Throwback

Throwback is a Shimmery Rose Gold Shade

Shade 10- Lit

Lit is a Shimmery Deep Burgundy Shade

Row 3 in Palette

Shade 11 Vacay

Vacay is a Shimmery Burnt Orange/Red Shade

Shade 12 Goals

Goals is a Matte Burnt Orange Shade

Shade 13 FOMO

FOMO is a Shimmery Rose Gold Shade

Shade 14- Low-Key

Low Key is a Shimmery Red Shade

Shade 15– Living

Living is a Shimmery Deep Red Shade

Row 4 in Palette

Shade 16 Sunset

Sunset is a Shimmery Light Lilac Purple Shade

Shade 17– Relevant

Relevant is a Shimmery Rose Gold Shade with Purple Reflects

Shade 18 TBT

TBT is a Matte Deep Purple Shade

Shade 19– Petty ASF

Petty ASF is a Shimmery Deep Purple Shade

Shade 20– Life

Life is a Shimmery Bright Purple Shade

Swatch Comparisons

What do you think of the Violet Voss Hashtag Palette? Do you have it or do you want it? Let me know in the comments below babes!!!!!!

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