Urban Decay Naked Skin Shapeshifter Palette in Light-Medium Shift Review + Swatches

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Urban Decay recently released two new face palettes called the Naked Skin Shapeshifter Palettes and today, I am going to be talking about and fully swatching the Shapeshifter Palette in Light-Medium Shift.

Urban Decay Shapeshifter Palette in Light-Medium Description/Review

The Urban Decay Naked Skin Shapeshifter Palette is a highlight, contour and color correcting palette that contains 4 powder and 5 cream shades. Each powder shade contains 3.7 grams (0.13 ounces) of product and each cream shade contains 2.15 grams (0.07 ounces) of product, giving the palette a total of 25.55 grams (0.87 ounces) of product. The palette has a shelf life of 24 months and is made in the USA.

The formula of the products in the palette is really, really good. I am going to talk about the powder shades first and then move on to the cream shades.

The powder shades all work perfectly, blend out easily and are very pigmented. I will say, they do have a lot of kick up, especially the two darkest contour shades. A verrrrryyy light tap of a brush into the product saturates it straight away, so make sure you just dip in slowly.  The kick-up is very easy to blow away and the powder is so light that when you blow it away, it won’t go all over the place and into the other products, so I can deffo deal with it. All of the powder’s in the palette have a matte finish except the Pearl Highlighter.

In regards to the shade scheme of the powder shades, I do really like it. The 2 Dark Contour shades are the exact shades I always use for my pale skin. They both blend out so beautifully on the face and don’t take long to build up. They don’t look muddy or dirty and as I said, are my perfect shades to contour with. The

The Light Powder Contour shade is more like a setting powder than a contour shade, but it works really good. I like to use it to set my concealer and fix up any greasiness from my foundation, and it’s a perfect shade for me.

The Pearl Powder Highlighter is also a perfect shade, but I will say, you do have to build it up a bit to get it really intense. It can certainly give a nice glow, but it is more subtle than intense.

The formula of the Cream products in the palette is also very good. The consistency of the products is your typical creamy consistency that are in palettes. All of the shades apply to the face perfectly with concealer brushes, and you can use your fingers if you want a quick swipe of color.

The shade scheme of the Cream side of the palette is also very good and accurate to my light skintone. The Dark Cream Contour Shade is very easy to apply and blend and like the powder contour shades, is very pigmented and doesn’t look muddy or dirty. A little product goes a long way so you don’t have to keep re-dipping your brush into the product. The shade is a tad bit dark than I would normally use, but it blends out so easily and can be buffed into the skin to make it a bit lighter.

The 3 Light Cream Contour Shades all have the same consistency, are matte and work amazingly. They are super creamy yet light and apply and blend into the skin so nicely. I wasn’t expecting the light shades to give much coverage because sometimes palettes like this have low coverage  cream shades, but the coverage is actually a nice medium that can be built up easily.

The light shades can be used for so many things. You can prep your eyeshadow with them as well as cut the crease when you are doing a cut crease look. They are also good for fixing up mistakes around the eyes and cleaning up any fall-out. Of course, they can be worn on the face to cover blemishes and can be used as color correctors, but my favourite thing about them is using them on the eyes.

The Pearl Cream Highlighter is a nice, subtle shimmery shade. It has to be built up if you want high shine because it is very light and not fully opaque. I like using this shade as a prep for highlighter on the brow bone, and dabbing it on top of other highlighters to get the intensity I want. Overall this is probably my least favourite product in the palette just because it is too subtle and I would rather wear powder highlighter.

I have to say, the packaging and design of the Naked Shapeshifter Palettes is amazing!!! It is so compact and takes up hardly any space but contains ALL the products you need to do your face when it comes to contouring, highlighting and color correcting. As I said, the palette if fairly small but contains full sized products. It has three compartment type things – one on one side holding the powder shades, one on the other side holding the cream shades and a divider with a large mirror on it in the middle. You can flip between the two sides so easily, and can stand the mirror up so you can work with all of the products at once while looking in the mirror. The material is very sturdy, and you can feel that it is not going to break any-time soon and is not flimsy or sensitive, which is a must for products like this that are being flipped around all the time. I LOVE this concept and I think Urban Decay have absolutely nailed it with the Naked Shapeshifter Palettes!! I really do think this is going to make it into my makeup go-to’s, I am a big fan!

The Urban Decay Naked Shapeshifter Palette costs $70.00 AUD – $45.00 USD – and can be purchased from Urban Decay Online (USA), Sephora (USA) and Mecca Cosmetics (AU).

Now let’s get onto the shades and swatches babes!!!!!

Shades + Swatches

I am going to swatch the 4 powder shades in the palette first, and then the 5 cream shades.

Row 1– Powder Shades

As I have said, there are 4 Powder Shades in the palette

Shade 1– Dark Contour

Dark Contour is a Matte Powder Medium-Deep Warm Chocolate Brown Shade

Dark Contour Swatch

Shade 2– Medium Contour

Medium Contour is a Matte Powder Medium Cool Toned Chocolate Brown Shade

Medium Contour Swatch

Shade 3– Light Contour

Light Contour is a Matte Powder Light Ivory Shade

Light Contour Swatch

Shade 4– Pearl Highlighter

Pearl Highlighter is a Shimmery Powder Light Champagne Gold Shade

Pearl Highlighter Swatch

Powder Shade Swatch Comparisons

Row 2– Cream Shades

There are 5 Cream Shades in the palette

Shade 1– Dark Contour

Dark Contour is a Creamy Matte Chocolate Brown Shade

Dark Contour Swatch

Shade 2– Light Contour

Light Contour is a Creamy Matte Light Ivory Shade

Light Contour Swatch

Shade 3– Color Corrector

Color Corrector is a Creamy Matte Orange Ivory Shade

Color Corrector Swatch

Shade 4– Color Corrector/Highlighter

Color Corrector/Highlighter is a Creamy Matte Pinky Ivory Shade

Color Corrector/Highlighter Swatch

Shade 5– Pearl Highlighter

Pearl Highlighter is a Shimmery Cream Champagne Gold Shade

Pearl Highlighter Swatch

Cream Shade Swatch Comparisons

Light/Medium Shift Powder vs Cream Swatch Comparisons

What do you think of the Urban Decay Naked Shapeshifter Palette?? Do you think you would get good use out of it?? Let me know in the comments below babes!!!

Where To Buy Urban Decay Shapeshifter Palette??

Mecca AU- Mecca Cosmetics AU Online Site Link

Sephora USA- Sephora USA Online Site Link

Urban Decay USA- Urban Decay Online Site Link

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