Too Faced Palette Comparisons- Chocolate Bar vs Chocolate Semi-Sweet vs Chocolate Bon Bon vs Sweet P

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Too Faced Cosmetics have a range of Eyeshadow Palettes and today I am going to be comparing the Chocolate Bar Palette, the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Palette, the Chocolate Bon Bon’s Palette and the Sweet Peach Palette!!

I am going to go through and show you each palette individually and then at the end will show you swatch comparisons, tell you my overall thoughts on the palettes and reveal what palette is my favorite!!

Let’s do it babes!!!!!!

Chocolate Bar Palette (Volume 1) 

The Chocolate Bar Palette is the first palette released in the line. It contains 16 shades in matte, satin and shimmery finishes.

Chocolate Bar Palette (Volume 1) Swatches

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette (Volume 2)

The Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette is the second palette that was released in the line. It contains 16 shades in both matte, satin and shimmery finishes and looks A LOT like the above Chocolate Bar Palette, but does have some different shades.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette Swatches

Chocolate Bon Bons Palette (Volume 3)

The Chocolate Bon Bon Palette is the third palette that was released in the line. It contains 16 shades in matte, satin and shimmery finishes. The Bon Bons Palette is different than the two first palettes in that it has love heart shaped pans, and is pink, not brown. The material type is the same as the above palettes, it’s just a different color.

Chocolate Bon Bons Palette (Volume 3) Swatches

Sweet Peach Palette (Volume 4)

The Sweet Peach Palette is the fourth and latest palette released in the line. While it isn’t a chocolate bar palette, it has the exact same layout so I thought I would include it. The Sweet Peach Palette contains 18 shades in Matte, Satin and Shimmery finishes. It has the same type of packaging as the rest of the palettes, but is orange (of course!).

Sweet Peach Palette Swatches

Palette Swatch Comparisons

Overall Thoughts/Conclusion

I am going to quickly talk about the formula of the Too Faced Palettes. The palettes with this theme and layout all have slightly different, but EXTREMELY similar formula’s and all work the same way. The slight chemical differences are so minor that you literally can’t physically notice ANY difference between the shades in ALL of the palettes when applying them. If you asked someone who hasn’t studied the ingredient list’s, they would for sure say they had the same formula. I like how Too Faced has this consistent formula because you know that you’re going to get good product.

In regards to what the formula is like, it is high quality. The shadows are pigmented – both the mattes and the shimmers- and apply and work on the eye amazingly. I don’t have anything bad to say about the formula, it is really good.

All of the palettes are infused with Cocoa Extract- except the Peach palette which is instead infused with Peach Extract- so they do have an artificial scent to them. This is pleasent to me but may be over-bearing for someone who doesn’t like strong scents.

Overall, I do like the Too Faced Palettes, but they are a bit repetitive in terms of the shades you get in the palette’s. There are ALWAYS so many browns in every palette and I find it annoying AND repetitive. I know it is the ‘Chocolate’ theme they are following, but just because you have a theme doesn’t mean you should put so many unnecessary shades in every palette you release.

Do you need all of these palettes?? Unless you’re a makeup collection, NOT AT ALL. Specifically, if you like the first two palettes – The Chocolate Bar and The Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette – pick one you like more and skip the other, because they are just wayyyyy too alike for you to need both (unless you want them of course). The third palette – Chocolate Bon Bon Palette-  is more different than the first two palettes (even though it does still have some similar shades to them) and the Sweet Peach Palette is also very different, so you would get value out of buying both but again, make sure you analyse the shades and see if you really need them a million times.

Sooooo What is My Favorite Too Faced Palette???

I really like the Chocolate Bon Bon Palette. The Chocolate Bon Bon Palette has such beautiful packaging and I could NOT say no to the pink theme. It also contains soo many pretty shades that appeal to me and my tastes.

I also like the Sweet Peach Palette. The Sweet Peach Palette is unique in a way and contains a variety of beautiful shades. There are still a lot of similarities between the shade scheme and the other palette’s, but it is different enough from the rest to make me like it..

What is you’re favourite Too Faced Eyeshadow Palette?? What one do you want to try?? Let me know in the comments below babes!!

Where To Buy Too Faced Eyeshadow Palettes??

Mecca AU- Mecca AU Online Site Link

Too Faced Online- Too Faced USA Online Site Link

Sephora USA – Sephora USA Online Site Link

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