The Makeup Box Shop Flip Top Glamour Box Acrylic Cosmetic Cube Review, Description + Photos

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The Makeup Box Shop is an Australian makeup storage store and today I am going to be talking about and showing you photos of the Flip Top Glamour Acrylic Cosmetic Cube.

Makeup Box Shop Flip Top Glamour Box Description/Review

The Flip Top Glamour Box by The Makeup Box Shop comes with 4 draws– 3 the same size and 1 bigger in width (the bottom draw). It also has a top compartment with a lifting lid, giving the cube a total of 5 compartments for storage. The Flip Top Glamour Box is a smaller acrylic cube that is a lot smaller than my large CosmoCube (comparison photos + dimensions below). I wanted a smaller cube though to fit in my vanity, but just be aware that it is smaller than large acrylic cubes.

The Makeup Box Shop offers two versions of this cube- the Original Flip Top Cube and the Glamour Flip Top Cube (this one). The difference is that this Glamour Cube comes with diamond-like white handles and the original doesn’t come with these special handles.

I love this cube and it keeps my makeup organised and compliments my larger cube. The only thing that I don’t like is that I wish the draws were just a TINY BIT longer. If there was just a bit more length to the draws, I would be able to fit two normal sized liquid lipsticks behind each other. However, the cube is wide enough to stack two liquid lipstick’s on top of each other to maximise storage, and you can stack them even higher in the largest bottom draw. All in all, I do love this cube!!

Dimensions of Cube

30 cm Tall x 24 cm Wide x 24 cm Deep

Measure the place where your going to sit the cube to see if it will fit BEFORE YOU BUY babes.

The Flip Top Glamour Box by The Makeup Box Shop costs $159.00 AUD– $126.98 USD and can be purchased from the Makeup Box Shop’s online store

This company is an Australian one so if you don’t live in Australia, there are literally SO many different stores that sell acrylic cubes and postage will cost less and will get delivered quicker. I will list some cubes like these by other brands from different countries at the end of the post!

More Photos of Cube with Makeup In It

What do you think of the Makeup Box Shop Glamour Cube?? Let me know in the comments below babes!!

Alternatives from Other Stores 

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Acrylic Makeup Shop Organiser with 5 Tiers

Where To Buy Makeup Box Shop Glamour Cube??

Makeup Box Shop Online- Makeup Box Shop Online Site Link

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