The Best AND Worst of MAC Cosmetics!!! Part 1, 2017

Heyyyyyyy Beautiesssssss

MAC Cosmetics have a massive, massive, MASSIVE range of products and for that reason, it can be hard to know what is good and what is not, and when brands have such extensive ranges of products, there is ALWAYS going to be items that are hits, and items that are misses.

For this reason, I thought I would do a post about the best items at MAC Cosmetics, and the worst. Honestly, even though MAC isn’t perfect, I have always absolutely loved the brand. My makeup addiction first started with MAC, and even though I don’t love it as much as then seeing as I have tried a million other brands and back then I hadn’t, I will still always love MAC products and will keep going back.

I am going to go through the best products first, and then move on to the ones I don’t like.

Let’s get into it babes!!!!!!

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish Highlighters

The MAC Extra Dimension Highlighters are the newest permanent highlighters by MAC. They have a creamy powder consistency (they are fully powder, but look like a cream). They are super super pigmented, give the face a beautiful glow and come in beautiful shades.

Price of MAC Extra Dimension Highlighters

$48.00 AUD – $34.00 USD – each

My Full Post Link- MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish Highlighter Review and Swatches in Oh Darling, Soft Frost, Beaming Blush, Show Gold, Double Gleam and Superb

MAC Extra Dimension Blush

The MAC Extra Dimension Blushes are like the above Extra Dimension Highlighters, but are obviously blushes. They have a creamy powder consistency and look absolutely beautiful on the face.

Price of MAC Extra Dimension Blush

$45.00 AUD – $28.00 USD – each

My Full Post- MAC Extra Dimension Blush Review + Swatches in Rosy Cheeks, Sweets For My Sweet, Into The Pink, Fairly Precious, Wrapped Candy and Pinch of Peach

MAC Mineralise Blush

The MAC Mineralise Blushes are luminous powder blushes that come in multiple shades.

Price of MAC Extra Dimension Blush

$45.00 AUD – $28.00 USD – each

MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Highlighters

The MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Highlighters are the highlighter version of the above Mineralise Blush. The consistency is a shimmery/luminous powder, and they are available in 6 shades. These highlighters were the OG MAC highlighters before the Extra Dimension Highlighters came along and are still popular to this day.

Price of MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Highlighters

$48.00 AUD – $34.00 USD – each

MAC Powder Blush

The MAC Powder Blushes come in a VARIETY of different shades and finishes.

Price of MAC Powder Blush

$41.00 AUD – $23.00 USD – each

MAC Traditional Lipsticks

The MAC Traditional Lipstick range is one of the MOST POPULAR and extensive lipstick ranges out there. The lipstick’s come in MULTIPLE shades (around 200+ shades) and also come in MULTIPLE finishes. The quality for all of the shades is TOP of the line. In my opinon, nothing can and ever will come close to comparing to MAC traditional lipsticks. Obviously since the introduction of liquid lipstick they have became less popular, but nonetheless, the MAC Lipstick range will ALWAYS be poppin!!!

Price of MAC Traditional Lipsticks

$36.00 AUD – $17.50 USD – each

My Full Post Link- MAC Traditional Stick Lipstick Review + Swatches- x16 Shades

MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks

The MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick’s are their liquid version of lipstick!! These were introduced when liquid lipstick started becoming a thing and they come in multiple shades. The consistency of the formula is lightweight and comfortable and makes the lips look nice, without settling into fine lines.

Price of MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks

$46.00 AUD – $21.00 USD – each

MAC Tinted Lip Glass

The MAC Tinted Lip Glass is a gloss that comes in multiple shades and finishes. Some shades have more glitter and are more sheer than others, and some are extremely pigmented.

Price of MAC Tinted Lip Glass

$35.00 AUD – $17.00 USD – each

MAC Lip Liners

The MAC Lip Liners are traditional liners that come in multiple shades. These liners are on the expensive side, but they are sturdy, easy to use and easy to sharpen and are worth the splurge.

Price of MAC Lip Liners

$30.00 AUD – $17.50 USD – each

MAC Loose Pigments and Glitter

The MAC Pigments and MAC Glitters are loose powder products that come in multiple shades and finishes.

Price of MAC Pigments + Glitters

Glitters – $29.00 AUD – $22.00 USD – each

Pigments – $39.00 AUD – $22.00 USD – each

Full Post Link- MAC Cosmetics Loose Pigments + MAC Glitter Review & Swatches in Silver Fog, Kitschmas, Rich Purple, 3D Platinum, Pink and Reflects Bronze

MAC Super Slick Liquid Liner

The MAC Super Slick Liquid Liner is my GO-TO Liquid Liner and has been for years. I have repurchased this babe more times than I can count. I love the applicator in this liner and it is the reason I buy it again and again. As you can see, the applicator is long and thin and comes to a super fine tip. The shape of it makes it easier to line the lid and inner corner and to create a perfect flick. I just love this liner and I don’t really experiment with many other liner’s because I don’t need to.

Price of MAC Super Slick Liquid Liner

$35.00 AUD – $21.00 USD – each

MAC Penultimate Liquid Liner

The MAC Penultimate Liquid Liner is a pen-type liner. Before I got good at liner and was practicing, I used this so much. Because it is in pen form, you have more control over the handle and it makes it SO MUCH easier to line your eyes. It is also good to have around to help fill things in because the consistency of the liner isn’t pure liquid like the Super Slick Liner above, so won’t leave mess on the bits you need to fill in. I just love this liner too.

Price of Penultimate Liquid Liner

$35.00 AUD – $23.00 USD – each

MAC Naught & Haughty Mascara

The MAC Naught and Haughty Mascara is a duel end mascara that comes in beautiful packaging. The mascara features two applicators– one thinner and one thicker.

Price of MAC Naught & Haughty Mascara

$42.00 AUD – $23.00 USD- each

My Full Post Link – MAC Cosmetics Naute and Haughty Mascara Review

MAC Studio Fix Foundation

The MAC Studio Fix Foundation is a liquid foundation that has medium to full builable coverage. I have used this foundation and repurchased it so many times because it gives a nice, natural finish. This foundation isn’t good for people who need high coverage, but it’s good to have around for day’s when you want light coverage.

Price of MAC Studio Fix Foundation

$50.00 AUD – $29.00 USD – each

MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer

The MAC Prolongwear Concealer is a liquid cream concealer that comes in multiple shades. It gives a high coverage finish and can be used for multiple thing’s. I really like using this concealer around my eyes on a brush and to cut the crease on my lid’s when I want a really defined crease look. This concealer is deffo one of MAC’S most popular products. The only thing I would change is that it does come in a pump and doesn’t have a doe-foot applicator. However, the product is a PRO product and for this reason concealers that come with pumps are more favourable over ones that come with doe-foot applicators because makeup artists have to use clean brushes to apply product and can’t use the applicator in products for hygiene reasons.

Price of MAC Prolongwear Concealer

$38.00 AUD – $23.00 USD – each

MAC Studio Sculpt Defining Powder

The MAC Studio Sculpt Defining Powder is a gel-like bronzer that comes in multiple shades. I love the consistency of the product and it blends out nicely on the face. I also love the compact it comes in, so classical MAC.

MAC Studio Sculpt Defining Powder Price

$49.00 AUD – $33.00 USD – each

MAC Prep and Prime Spray Fix Plus

The MAC Prep and Prime Spray Fix Plus is a multi use prep and setting spray.  This spray can be USED for so many thing’s. You can use it before applying makeup to prep and prime the face and you can also use it after makeup application to set you’re makeup.

Additionally, you can use this babe to spray on you’re brush to make you’re eyeshadow POP!! This is my all time favourite use of the MAC Prep and Prime Spray and is popular amongst a lot of the beauty guru’. The spray will literally last you ages, and it is so worth having it around.

MAC Prep and Prime Spray Fix Plus Price

$32.00 AUD – $25.00 USD – each

Best MAC Cosmetics Makeup Brushes

I am going to be talking about three of the BEST MAC Cosmetics makeup brushes. There are so many cheaper options than MAC brushes these days, and I don’t necessarily recommended buying any other MAC Cosmetics brushes except the THREE I am about to mention because they are just a bit too expensive and there are cheaper options.

MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush

The MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush is my FAVOURITE, GO-TO lid brush. It is the first makeup brush I ever purchased for my eyes, and I am still using it to this day. I have NO other reason to get or need any other lid brushes by any other brands, you can’t beat these brushes. They last SO LONG and wash well, I still . have my FIRST ever MAC 239 Brush that I got like 3 years ago and it works amazingly. Hands down best eye shader brush out there!!

MAC 239 Brush Price

$48.00 AUD – $25.00 USD – each

MAC 217 Blending Brush

The MAC 217 Blending Brush is another one of the first makeup brushes I ever got, and one of the best. I now have multiple blending brushes by different brands, and they all work the same really, but I always use my MAC 217 to this day. It is one of the most used and most needed brushes for eyeshadow application/looks, and this brush is one of MAC’s best.

MAC 217 Blending Brush Price

$37.00 AUD – $25.00 USD – each

MAC 247 Shader Brush

The MAC 247 Flat Eye Shader Brush is a flat, synthetic version of the MAC 239 Shader Brush that I talked about above. The MAC 239 brush works amazingly with mattes and satin eyeshadows, and does work extremely well with shimmer and metallic shadows, but the MAC 247 Brush is THE BEST for applying metallic and shimmery shadows. As you can imagine, the synthetic bristles are flat, whereas the MAC 239 bristles are fluffy, so shimmers just apply so much better with this brush. This brush also works amazingly with eyeshadows and Spray Fix Plus (mentioned above). When you use them together, you can absolutely coat you’re lid with the eyeshadow and will get the best pay-off ever. A must have brush too!!

MAC 247 Eye Shader Brush Price

$45.00 AUD – $25.00 USD – each

MAC Limited Edition Collections

Now that I have talked about the best single items, I thought I just HAD to talk about the limited edition MAC Collections. Let’s face it… MAC know’s how to do collections. The packaging is ALWAYS so beautiful and unique. They are seriously a makeup collectors, DREAM!!

The products in the MAC Limited Edition Collections are 9 out of 10 times the same as their permanent products, just with unique, beautiful packaging.

Here are some pictures of the latest MAC Collections I have got. Note, most of the collections will be long gone by now, you have to be quick when they release!!

MAC X Mariah Carey Collection

The MAC X Mariah Carey Collection was just amazing in every single aspect!!! The packaging, as you can see, if honestly TO DIE FOR!!!

My MAC X Mariah Carey Post Links

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MAC X Mariah Carey Collection Part 2- Lipglass in It’s Just Like Honey and Butterfly Beach + Lipstick in Bit Of Bubbly, Dahhling and Mcizzle Review , Swatches + Comparisons

MAC X Steve J & Yoni P Collection

The MAC X Steve J & Yoni P Collection is one of the latest collections that may still be available right now (August 2017). The packaging is so colorful and pretty and I love it.

MAC X Taraji P Henson Viva Glam Collection

MAC has a collection called Viva Glam where they team team up with celebrities or public figures to create a limited edition collection in which half of the proceeds go to an aids charity.

Most recently, they teamed up with Taraji P Henson to create a lipglass and a lipstick that comes in stunning, red packaging!! Just look how pretty the items are.

MAC Holiday 2016 Nutcracker Collection

The MAC Nutcracker Collection was a special release collection for the Holidays of 2016 and featured a BUNCH of beautifull items and had pink and black packaging.

I am SO keen to see what MAC has in store for us these holidays!!

MAC Trolls Collection

The MAC Trolls Collection launched a year or so ago and contained multiple items such as powders, blushes and lipsticks, with pretty, troll themed packaging!

MAC Cosmetics Product’s I DON’T Like

MAC Eyeshadows

MAC Eyeshadows come in many forms – in single pressed pans, in compacts and in palettes- and I am not particularly a fan of any of them.

Let’s talk about single pressed pan shadows shall we. It is like 10 TIMES (not literally, nearly though) more expensive to buy ONE single pan from MAC, than to get a shadow of better quality from MUG, ABH, Coastal Scent’s or any of the other brands that sell good individual shadows.  For example, a single pressed MAC eyeshadow pan is $26.00 AUD, whereas a single pressed pan of MUG is $7.61 AUD.

This means that you would pay $52.00 for TWO single pressed MAC eyeshadows, and would pay $15.22 AUD for TWO single pressed eyeshadows at MUG. This means you would get SIX Makeup Geek shadows for the price of TWO MAC shadows, and let me tell you, the MAC formula is NOT better.

I also don’t like the shadows in compacts or in palettes. When MAC do palettes, they are always so overpriced for the quality and I really do not like the MAC eyeshadows at all.

MAC Lip Intensity Lipsticks

The MAC Lip Intensity has the most beautiful packaging, but I just can’t seem to get used to the flat tip. The formula of the product isn’t anything unique or nice really and it doesn’t flatter the lips. It is more like a balm crossed with a lipstick and I’m not the biggest fan of that. These were a miss for me, but I loved the packaging (not enough to buy more though).

MAC Skincare Items

MAC skincare is really NOT good, or beneficial for the skin. The formula’s are absolutely terrible (in terms of chemical make-up) and frequently contain toxic and carcinogenic ingredients. MAC do not list the ingredients online, so you have to buy the product to analyse the ingredient list (or go in store), and it’s not hard to see why when you run the formula’s through a cosmetic chemical analysis database.

Here is a link to my Green Gel Cleanser post, where I chemically analyse the formula. As you will see, the formula is packed full of nasty, toxic ingredients and I really do avoid formula’s like this at any cost. Some of the other skincare items are not as bad as this one (some are), but even products that don’t contain so many toxic ingredient’s dont have stand out, amazing formula’s like SO MANY other skincare brands do.

My MAC Green Gel Cleanser Post Link- MAC Cosmetics Green Gel Cleanser Review + Physical, Chemical, Marketing and Price Analysis

I really don’t recommend trying any of the MAC skincare items. They may work well, but they don’t have good formula’s and don’t contain ingredients that are the best for the skin. I would recommended Pixi Skincare over MAC any day!!


What are you’re favourite products from MAC Cosmetics????? Did you see any products you LOVE in this list?? Let me know in the comments below babes!!

Where To Buy MAC Cosmetics????

Authentic MAC Products are purchased directly from MAC Cosmetics Online or In-Store, or at department store retailers such as David Jones, Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc. MAC Cosmetics have sites dedicated to countries. Avoid buying MAC Cosmetics items from third party sources such as Instagram accounts, because you can never ensure the authenticity of it and there are a lot of people who try and sell scam MAC product’s because they know it is hyped up. So do stick to OFFICIAL MAC Cosmetics stores!!

The GOOD news is, MAC Cosmetics have stores and online stores in almost every single country around the world, yay!!! Here is some direct links….

MAC Cosmetics Online AU- MAC Cosmetics AU Online Site Link

MAC Cosmetics Online Canada- MAC Cosmetics Canada Online Site Link

MAC Cosmetics Online USA- MAC Cosmetics USA Online Site Link

MAC Cosmetics Online UK- MAC Cosmetics UK Online Site Link

MAC Cosmetics Online Germany- MAC Cosmetics Germany Online Site Link

MAC Cosmetics Online Thailand- MAC Cosmetics Thailand Online Site Link

MAC Cosmetics Online Phillipines- MAC Cosmetics Philipines Online Site Link

MAC Cosmetics Online Singapore- MAC Cosmetics Singapore Online Site Link

MAC Cosmetics Online India- MAC Cosmetics India Online Site Link

MAC Cosmetics Online Malaysia- MAC Cosmetics Malaysia Online Site Link

MAC Cosmetics Online Poland- MAC Cosmetics Poland Online Site Link

MAC Cosmetics Online Spain- MAC Cosmetics Spain Online Site Link

MAC Cosmetics Online Brazil- MAC Cosmetics Brazil Online Site Link

MAC Cosmetics Online Netherlands- MAC Cosmetics Netherlands Online Site Link

MAC Cosmetics Online Russia- MAC Cosmetics Russia Online Site Link

MAC Cosmetics Online Italy- MAC Cosmetics Italy Online Site Link

If I missed your country, type ‘MAC Cosmetics’ followed by your country’s name into google and if there is a MAC Site for you, it will come up!!!

Loveeeeeeee Always,




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