Tarte Cosmetics Big Blush Book Volume 3 Swatches!!!

Tarte Cosmetics recently released the third edition to their Big Blush Book palette range that they release around the holiday time each year and today, I am going to be swatching it!!! I have a full review post with demo's and products of the blushes on the face, and this post is only for the swatches and I won't be providing any information regarding the performance of the blushes or what I think of them here because as I said, a full, in-depth post is coming.

Poised is a Matte Light Baby Pink Shade

Poised Arm Swatch

Mindful is a Matte Nude Pink Shade

Mindful Arm Swatch

Peachy is a Matte Orange Peach Shade

Peachy Arm Swatches

Rad is a Matte Hot Pink Shade

Rad Arm Swatches

Kindred is a Matte Cool Nude Shade

Kindred Arm Swatches

Heated is a Matte Hot Coral Shade

Heated Arm Swatch

Lavish is a Matte Coral Shade

Lavish Arm Swatches

Spirited is a Shimmery Champagne Highlighter Shade

Spirited Arm Swatch

Click to see swatch comparisons up close + in full size!!!!!!!!

What do you think of the Tarte Blush Book Volume 3 from the swatches?? Are you interested or have you got it?? Let me know in the comments below babes, and stay tuned for a full review post with face pictures!!!

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