OFRA X Nikkie Tutorials Collection Review + Swatches

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OFRA Cosmetics recently collaborated with youtuber Nikkie Tutorials to create a limited edition collection. and today, I am going to be talking about and swatching it.

OFRA X Nikkie Tutorials Collection Description 

The OFRA X Nikkie Tutorials Collection comes with multiple items including

1 x Everglow Highlighting Wheel containing 3 exclusive shades

3 x Liquid Lipsticks- Nude Potion, Coven and Spell (exclusive shades)

The Nikkie X OFRA Collection costs $104.39 AUD ($78.61 USD) and can be purchased from OFRA Online.  

NOTE- Coupon codes drop this price down to $73.07 AUD ($55.43 USD), meaning you save $31.32 AUD ($23.58 USD). I used one of my favourite you-tubers code – Kendall30–  but you can use Nikkie’s code if u want -NIKKIE-.  Seeing as Nikkie already makes profit of this, I would encourage you to use Kendall’s code or go and find your favourite smaller beauty guru that is affiliated with OFRA, because a few people have codes you can use.

The code is DEFFO worth using, this is coming from someone who doesn’t have a code, and usually avoids some beauty guru’s codes, but this is too good of a deal to miss.

ALSO, for Austaliran’s shipping from OFRA costs an additional $21.08 AUD, making the total $94.15 AUD

I am going to go through and describe and swatch each product individually and then at the end I will tell you my overall thoughts on the collection

OFRA X Nikkie Everglow Highlighting Wheel

The Everglow Highlighting Wheel comes with 3 different shimmery highlighting shades. The whole highlighter contains 10 grams of product, meaning each shade contains around 3.3 grams of product. It has a shelf life of 24 months and is made in the USA. The highlighter is super pigmented and each shade gives a beautiful glow.

Shade 1

Shimmery White Shade

Shade 2

Shimmery Gold Shade

Shade 3

Shimmery Copper Bronze Shade

Everglow Swatch Comparisons


White Shade

OFRA X Nikkie Liquid Lipsticks (x3)

There are 3 liquid lipstick’s in the collection in 3 exclusive shades. Each liquid lipstick contains 6 grams of product, has a shelf life of 24 months and is made in the USA.

The formula of all the shades is really good. The matte shade is opaque and pigmented and feels so comfortable on the lips. It isn’t a fully transfer proof matte as it stays a little creamy on the lips, but I really like this and it makes the product so much more pleasant to wear. The two metallic shades are also very opaque and pigmented and comfortable to wear. You do have to work them into the lips, but they are deffo not a bad metallic liquid lipstick and I really like them.

Here are some swatches of the shades….

OFRA X Nikkie Tutorials Liquid Lipsticks- Nude Potion, Spell and Coven

Nude Potion 

Nude Potion is a Peachy Nude Matte Shade. I absolutely love this shade and it’s my favourite in the collection.

Nude Potion Swatch


Spell is a Orange Red Shade with Metallic Flecks. I also really like this shade.

Spell Swatch


Coven is a Bronzy Brown Metallic Shade. This one is my least favourite lip product in the collection, and suits more darker skin tones. I do still like it but not as much as the other two shades.

Coven Swatch

OFRA X Nikkie Lip Product Swatch Comparisons

Overall Thoughts on OFRA X Nikkie Tutorials Collection

The OFRA X Nikkie Tutorials Collection is absolutely beautiful. I love each product that comes in the set and the packaging is very very pretty.

The highlighter is super pigmented and gives such a bright, pigmented glow. My favourite shades are the two light ones as they suit my pale skin, but I will use the copper shade as an eyeshadow.

All of the liquid lipstick’s in the collection are beautiful. I really like Spell and Nude Potion, and also like Coven but the first two are my favourites. The lip products have a really nice, comfortable formula and I will wear these shades and won’t just put them in my drawer to sit.

All in all, I absolutely love this collection by Nikkie Tutorials and OFRA. It is so unique, comes in amazing packaging and contains really good products. In collections there are usually hit and miss products but I think everything in the Nikkie x OFRA collection is a hit! I am glad I bought this collection and I do recommended trying it!!! I’m pretty sure it’s sold out on OFRA online right now, but if you want it keep checking their site and Instagram because I am pretty sure it will restock again.

Did you like the collection babes?? What is your favourite lip shade above??? Are you going to or have you bought the collection? Let me know in the comments below

Here are some more photos of the collection, where to buy links and links to my related posts…

More Pictures of OFRA X Nikkie Tutorials Collection

Where To Buy Nikkie X OFRA Collection?

OFRA Cosmetics Online- OFRA Cosmetics Online Site Link

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