NYX Lip Lingerie’s Review, Swatch + Swatch Comparisons (Whole Collection/All Shades)

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The Lip Lingerie’s are a popular liquid lipstick range by NYX Cosmetics that were released earlier in the year. As always with liquid lipstick posts, I am going to describe and review the Lip Lingerie’s, go through each shade individually and then include swatch comparisons and where to buy links at the end!

NYX Lip Lingerie Description/Review

The Lip Lingerie’s are a range of nude/neutral liquid lipsticks by NYX Cosmetics that come in 12 shades. They contain 3.6 g of product (0.13 oz, 4 mL) . The formula is nice and feels super light on the lips and is not drying. The formula is a bit streaky though and you have to spend a bit of time applying it. I don’t know if that comes down to formula or the applicator because I find I don’t really like the applicator. The applicators are really long and thin and in my opinion a bit too thin.

The NYX Lip Lingerie’s are $9.15 AUD ($7.00 USD) each from the NYX website but retailers may increase the price by a bit. For example, Priceline sells NYX Lip Lingerie’s for $14.00 AUD each ($10.71 USD). Either way, the Lip Lingerie’s are really good for the price. I wouldn’t say these are my all time favourite liquid lipsticks but they are really nice and I like them.

Now, I am going to go over, describe and swatch the 12 shades in the Lip Lingerie range, starting with the lightest shades followed by the darker shades.

NYX Lip Lingerie Shade Range/All Shades (12)

Baby Doll

Baby Doll is one of the pale nude shades and is described by NYX as a ‘nude pink’ shade. It is one of the most pink nude shades out of the range.

Satin Ribbon

Satin Ribbon is another pale nude which looks quite similar to Baby Doll but doesn’t have as many pink tones and is more beige. NYX describes Satin Ribbon as a ‘Nude Beige’.

Lace Detail

Lace Detail is a described by NYX as a ‘Nude Pink Beige’ shade. It is more beige based than Baby Doll but more pink based than Satin Ribbon.

Push Up

Push Up is described by NYX as a ‘Brown Spice Pink’ shade. It is the darkest light nude in the range and has more peachy and brown tones than the other nudes.


Corset is another pale brown nude shade. It is described by NYX as a ‘Toffee Nude’ color. It is the lightest brown shade in the range.


Honeymoon is described by NYX as a ‘Grey Toned Beige’ shade. It has more gray tones than any of the shades. I really like this shade.


Teddy is a brown/beige shade that is described by NYX as a ‘ Warm Rich Brown’. It is the second darkest brown shade in the range.

Beauty Mark

Beauty Mark is a dark brown shade and is described by NYX as a ‘Chocolate Brown’. It is the darkest brown shade in the range.


Embellishment is a beautiful deep purple shade and is described by NYX as a ‘Muted Purple’. Embellishment is the only purple in the range. It is the most popular shade in the collection and is my favourite!!

Ruffle Trim 

Ruffle Trim is a warm tone neutral nude shade and is described by NYX as a’cinnamon pink’. It is the lightest red based shade in the range.

Bedtime Flirt

Bedtime Flirt is described by NYX as a ‘Red Toned Pink’ shade. Bedtime Flirt is similar to Ruffle Trim but is a tad darker and is similar to exotic but is a tad lighter.


Exotic is another warm toned neutral shade and is described by NYX as a ‘Warm Mahogany Red’. It has more red tones than Ruffle Trim and is darker than both of them.

All NYX Lip Lingerie Shade Swatch Comparisons

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Where to Buy NYX Lip Lingerie’s???? 

NYX Official Site (USA) > NYX Official Site Link

Priceline (AU) > Priceline AU Site Link

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