Morphe X Jeffree Star Eyeshadow Palette Review, Swatches + Looks- on SALE for 50% off!

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Morphe and Jeffree Star have a collection together that includes brushes and brush sets, lip sets, finishing spray and an eyeshadow palette. Today I am going to be talking about, swatching and reviewing the eyeshadow palette.

As I am sure you have heard, Morphe recently announced that they will no longer stock Jeffree Star products, and this palette is currently on sale for 50% off.

Morphe X Jeffree Star Palette Description + Full Review

The Jeffree Star X Morphe palette is a pressed powder eyeshadow palette that contains 30 shades . There are 3 different textures/finishes in the palette including matte, shimmery/metallic and a glitter. Each shade contains 1.7 grams (0.05 ounces) of product, giving the palette a total of 51 grams (1.79 ounces) of product. It has a shelf life of 12 months and is made in China.

I want to talk about the Packaging briefly . Unlike the majority of Morphe's Eyeshadow Palettes that have plain black packaging, the Morphe X Jeffree Star Palette has exclusive packaging. The inside and outside of the palette is a nice Light Pink, with darker pink borders. The writing on the front of the palette is Silver, Reflective and shiny and the font is big and pink. I love the packaging of this palette, my favourite colour is light pink so it is right up my alley. There is a massive mirror on the inside of the palette and it is a good quality mirror, and that is handy when you are doing your eyeshadow.

The formula of the eyeshadows is Morphe's and not Jeffree Star Cosmetic's.

There are 19 Matte shades, 10 Shimmery shades and 1 Pressed Glitter shade.

I am going to talk about the formula of each finish below in greater detail, as well as showing you some shades on the eyes..

Colour Scheme...

At first glance of the palette, I didn't think there were enough transition shades to use for each look, but as I started to use it, I noticed that there is certainly enough. There are a more orange and warm based transition shades than cool toned shades, and I do think the palette would be complete with a light brown cool toned shade, but you can use the darker cool toned brown shades on top of the light, orange based warm transition shades to create a beautiful gradient.

In terms of matte shades, there is so many and you can create so many looks with them. There are lighter, neutral mattes and darker mattes, so you can create natural and glamorous, colourful looks. There is also plenty of shimmery shades that you can use with the mattes.

Overall, there is a great selection of shades and you really can create any look you want with the palette. I think there is a great selection of shades, a good ratio of mattes to shimmery shades, and anyone could get good use out of it. In this way, I think the palette is a good value for your money.

The palette has neutral matte transition shades for natural looks and a few cream matte shades that you can use as a base. There is also a matte black shades, which can be used in so many ways. There are bright, colourful, pinky purple shades, along with green and dark brown shades and you really can create so many different looks.

The only thing missing in the palette is a white shimmery shade, and a cool toned light brown matte shade to use as a transition shade. That is the only thing I think the palette is missing.

The Morphe X Jeffree Star Palette costs $50.00 AUD - $35.00 USD, but as I said, the palette is now on sale for half price, so costs $25.00 AUD- $18.00 USD. It can be purchased on Morphe Online and In-Stores. The palette can also be purchased In-Store at Mecca AU but I am unsure if it is on sale here.

Matte Eyeshadow in Palette

There are 19 Matte shades in the palette

The first few times that I used the palette, I was going in softly with each matte shade that I used. I do this with every new palette/eyeshadow I get so I can get a feel for the formula. . As I got used to the eyeshadows, I started going in with a heavier hand, at least with the lighter warm matte shades and transition type shades. It can take a little bit of time to build the lighter matte shades up.

Of course you can eventually build the shadow up to the pigmentation and intensity that you want, you just have to keep dipping in and building and it's up to you how long you spend doing that For me, I don't have the patience to be doing eyeshadow everyday for hours and hours, but then somedays I do. The eyeshadows blend really well and I don't have to worry about them being hard to blend out, unlike ABH matte eyeshadows where you have to go in softly or you will end up with an unbendable mess. I do like the Morphe eyeshadows better than ABH most. of the time. They are just easier to work with.

The darker matte shades work the same as the lighter matte shades except that they are more pigmented (obviously) , and you do have to go in with a lighter hand. This takes time, is annoying and time consuming, but will blend the eyeshadow properly in the end and make sure everything isn't so harsh and unbendable. Either way, they blend out really good and are not the type of eyeshadows that are hard to blend.

The Matte shades in the palette are really good, and I ended up using them all and found them all easy to work with and consistent with each other, meaning the formula is the same and they all work the same. This is good because you know what to expect, I always like when the formula of all eyeshadows in the palette is consistent.

Some Pictures of Matte Eyeshadows in the Palette on the Eyes..

Shade 8- 1985

Matte Light Orange Shade

Shade 14- Mr Diva

Matte Orange Brown Shade

Shade 2 and 4- Back and My

Matte Light Pink Shades

Shade 29- Hi Dude

Matte Deep Brown Shade

Shimmery Eyeshadows in Palette

There are 10 Shimmery shades in the palette.

The Shimmery Shades in the palette are high quality and work really well on the eyes, They are all extremely pigmented and can be built up on the eye to look extremely bright. You can put concealer down on the lid first to build them up to be extremely pigmented, but they also work really well on the lid without putting a concealer down first. They don't have much fall-out and the palette and your eyes do not end up extremely messy.

I love all of the shimmery shades in the palette and there is so much variety and difference between them and you can create so many different looks.

Some Pictures of Shimmery Eyeshadows in the Palette on the Eyes

Shade 3-To

Shimmery Light Pink Shade

Shade 21- Girrl

Shimmery Copper Shade

Shade 1- Welcome

Shimmery White Silver Shade

Shade 18- Don't Know Her

Shimmery Pink Purple Shade

Shade 13-Designer Label

Shimmery Gold Shade

The Glitter Shade

There is 1 shade in the palette that is a glitter.

The Glittery shade is more like a topper and doesn't have much pigment. It kind of goes on o

as little specks. This is the one shade in the palette that I wasn't too fond of, although I do see why they put it in because it can come in handy. It's not a highly pigmented glitter and is more like a topper, as I said.

Arm Swatches

Here are row by row swatches of the eyeshadows on the arm.

Row 1

Shade 1- Welcome- Shimmery Crystal Shade

Shade 2- Back- Matte Pink Blush Shade

Shade 3- To- Shimmery Pink Pearl Shade

Shade 4- My- Matte Cotton Candy Shade

Shade 5- Channel- Matte Orange Shade

Shade 6- Wand Noise- Shimmery Blood Orange Shade

Row 2

Shade 7- Lynn- Matte Cream Shade

Shade 8- 1985- Matte Soft Orange Shade

Shade 9- Mogul- Matte Deep Magenta Purple Shade

Shade 10- Self Made- Matte Hot Pink Shade

Shade 11- Dog Mom- Shimmery Peach Shade

Shade 12- Honest Truth- Matte Coral Peach Shade

Row 3

Shade 13- Designer Label- Shimmery Champagne Soft Gold Shade

Shade 14- Mr Diva- Matte Brown Orange Shade

Shade 15- Boss Angeles- Matte Brown Red Shade

Shade 16- Pink Fleet- Matte Purple Fuchsia Shade

Shade 17- Calabasas- Matte Red Pink Shade

Shade 18- Don't Know Her- Shimmery Bubblegum Pink Shade

Row 4

Shade 19- Rolls With It- Shimmery Cool Gold Shade

Shade 20- Millions- Glittery Gold Shade

Shade 21- Gurrrl- Shimmery Copper Shade

Shade 22- Whats The Tea- Matte Deep Orange Brown Shade

Shade 23- Zroom Zroom- Matte Slate Grey Shade

Shade 24- Custom Rims- Shimmery Silver Shade

Row 5

Shade 25- Glam Rapids- Shimmery Gold Mint Shade

Shade 26- Wake N Bake- Matte Avocado Green Shade

Shade 27- Nate- Matte Bright Green Shade

Shade 28- Drive Through- Shimmery Deep Gold Olive Shade

Shade 29- Hi Dude- Matte Dark Red Chocolate Shade

Shade 30- Fast Lane- Matte Black Shade

Swatch Comparisons

What do you think of the Morphe X Jeffree Star Eyeshadow Palette? Are you going to take advantage of the sale and buy it?? Let me know in the comments below babes...

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