Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in All About Pink Swatch + Review

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Makeup Revolution has a massive range of blush products and today I am going to be talking about the Ultra Blush Palette in All About Pink. 

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in All About Pink

The Makeup Revolution palette contains 8 beautiful powder blush shades. The finishes are a mix between mattes, shimmers and baked blush powders.  The palette costs $9.64 EURO– $13.79 AUD – ($10.59 USD) and comes with 13 grams of product, meaning each shade contains around 1.6 grams each.

The formula of each blush is good and each is highly pigmented. They are soft and buttery and while there is a tiny bit of kick up of product it’s not much. You can wear the shades alone or in combination to create different shades. All in all, I absolutely love this palette!!!

Now, let’s get into the swatches babesss!!!!!

Ultra Blush Palette in All About Pink Swatches

Row 1 in Palette

1- Light Pink Peach Matte Shade

2- Bright Pink Matte Shade

3- Peachy Orange Matte Shade

4- Light White Shimmer Shade

Row 2 in Palette

5- Bright Coral Peachy Matte shade

6- Muted Pink Matte shade

7- Bright Pink Matte Shade

8- Light White Shimmer Shade with Hints of Blue

Row 1-2 Swatch Comparisons

Where to Buy Blush Palette ???

Makeup Revolution/Tam Beauty Online- Makeup Revolution/Tam Beauty Online Link

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