Makeup Revolution Blush Queen Palette Swatches, Description + Review

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Makeup Revolution have a range of blush palettes and today, I am going to be describing and swatching the Blush Queen Palette.

Makeup Revolution Blush Palette in Review/Description

The Makeup Revolution Blush Palette in Blush Queen includes 8 different baked blush and highlight shades. You can wear the shades alone or mix them together to create different shades. The palette contains a total of 13 grams, meaning each shade contains around 1.6 grams of product.

The formula is soft, easy to apply and very pigmented. For the price, you are getting an extremely good palette with a good amount of product, high pigmentation and a good colour selection.I have to say, this palette is  absolutely beautiful and has a better formula than many high end blush palettes. You cannot go wrong with this beautiful palette.

The Makeup Revolution Blush Queen Palette costs $10.01 AUD ($7.43 USD)  and can be purchased online from Tam Beauty (Link At End)

Nowwww, let’s get into the shades and swatches!!!

Makeup Revolution Blush Queen Palette Shades + Swatches

Row 1 in Palette 

Shade 1

Silver White Shimmery Shade

Shade 2

 Medium Light Pink Shimmery Shade

Shade 3

Pale Light Pink Shimmery Shade

Shade 4

Frosty Silver White Shimmer Shade

Row 1 in Blush Queen Palette Swatches

Row 2 in Palette 

Shade 5

Peachy Shimmery Shade

Shade 6

Bright Pink Shimmery Shade

Shade 7

Bright Purple Pink Shimmery Shade

Shade 8

Medium Dark Pink Shimmery Shade

Row 2 in Blush Queen Palette

Row Comparison Swatches

Some More MUR Blush Queen Palette Photos

Where to Buy MUR Blush Queen Palette??

Tam Beauty- Tam Beauty Online Link

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