Makeup Organisation Part 3- Different Furniture Options and Ideas – Creating your Own Makeup Vanity

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Heyyyy Beauties

Today, I am going to be talking about some makeup storage and organisation ideas and options!!! In specific, in this part I am going to be talking about some furniture options for makeup organisation. 

Makeup Organisation/Storage Furniture Options

There are so many types of furniture you can store your makeup in and turn a room into a makeup room/ makeup vanity including desks, dressers, shelves,cubes, bookcases, wardrobe shelves, etc.

What option you chose depends on how much space you have and what will suit you the best, so I am going to provide you with multiple options that will work for people with small space and large space. There are literally so many ways to organise your makeup and you can find stuff to suit you very quickly. I have multiple ways that I store my Cosmetics using different furniture and storage products. I have it set up so that I can change it around all the time, I am constantly changing my makeup space around.

I am going to go through furniture options and then show you how can you use multiple pieces of furniture to set up your makeup space.

If you live in a country where you can buy furniture from IKEA, you will be able to find heaps of options for makeup storage there. However, for the rest of us who have to live without IKEA, here are some makeup storage ideas!


You can use a desk to set up your makeup vanity. This is a good first step in building your vanity, I got a white desk first and that’s where I started. Of course, you should try and get a white desk because it just looks so much more tidy.

Shelves (3 Tier)

You can store makeup in shelves like these. The good thing about these shelves is they are cheap and you can usually get them from any furniture place along with department type shops like Kmart. You can use these shelves alone or put them on top of a desk or dresser.

Shelves in Wardrobe

If you have cabinets/shelves like these in your Wardrobe, you can store your makeup there. These shelves are usually a nice depth to store makeup

In Draws

You can store your makeup in draws of any size. You can get accessories to divide the drawers (next post) or you can just sit your makeup in the draws


You can store your makeup in a bookcase, as you can see in these photos. It gives you a large space meaning you can store lot’s of makeup.

Combinations of Furniture Together

Desk + 3 Tier Shelves (On Side)

You can use a tier shelf and turn them sideways on your desk to store makeup. Putting shelves like this on a desk maximizes storage space.

Desk + 3 Tier Shelves Standing up

You can also turn the shelves the right way up and sit them like this on a desk, which maximizes storage space.

 Desk + Bookcase + 3 Tier Shelves 

You can use shelves, bookcases and desks to further increase storage space.

I hope you liked this post babes and found it helpful. I am constantly on the lookout for more storage solutions so my Makeup Storage posts will be regular.

 In the next part of my Makeup Organisation and  Storage post, I am going to be talking about the multiple ways you can store you lipstick along with showing you some nice organisation accessories!

 Loveeeeeeee Always,




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