Makeup Organisation Part 2- Original Acrylic Cosmetic Cube by CosmoCube Review + Photos

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There are multiple companies that sell Acrylic Cosmetic Cubes but today I am going to be talking about the Original Bling  Cosmetic Cube by the amazing brand CosmoCube. 

Original Bling CosmoCube Description/Review 

The Original CosmoCube  comes with five draws along with a flip up top compartment, making it a 6 draw cube. The Cube comes with three drawer dividers which separate the drawers into compartments (you can leave them in or take them out). It is made with very high quality acrylic that is very sturdy and it will honestly last you years and years. The Original Bling Cube that I got is exactly the same as the Original CosmoCube except the handles have diamonds on them. It weighs 18 lbs (8.1 KG) and has the dimensions 16 (width) x 16 (length) x 18 (height) inches  which is 40 cm x 40 cm x 45.7 cm.

You can arrange the CosmoCube in soooo many ways. The original CosmoCube is $255.00 AUD ($195.06 USD). A lot of people think this is expensive or too much but apart from having to repurchase because you need more storage, you won’t need to replace the Cube for years and years because it will last a long time because of how high the acrylic it is made from is.

To clean the cube all you have to do is wet a cloth, you don’t have to use any product because it may fog up the acrylic, so you simply just have to wipe it down.

CosmoCube ships worldwide but it is based in the USA, so make sure you take this into consideration in regards to shipping prices. Shipping prices worldwide can vary depending on where you live and it is a tad expensive because the cube is so big so that obviously contributes a lot.

All in All, I absolutely love my cosmetic cube by CosmoCube and I would die without it. It is for sure my favourite way to store makeup because it makes it look so neat and organised. I highly recommend the CosmoCube or a similar Cosmetic Cube for storing all your cosmetics!!

Photos/Drawers/Different Storage Options

Thanks for reading and I hope you babes liked this post. I am going to be writing frequent posts about Cosmetics Storage so stay tuned. Here are some where to buy links along with my social media links.

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CosmoCube Official Site Link > CosmoCube Official Store Link

CosmoCube Instagram Link > CosmoCube Official Instagram Link

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