Makeup Organisation Part 1 – Ettica Cubes Palette Holder/Palette Storage Review, Pictures + 3 Differ

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Ettica Cubes is an Australian based cosmetic storage brand that sells Acrylic Storage options. They specialize in Cosmetic Cubes but also sell related products along with storage accessories, etc.

I am going to describe and review the palette holder, provide pictures and 3 different ways you can sort palettes with the holder. I will also provide links to where you can buy.

Ettica Palette Holder Description / Review

The Ettica Palette Holder is an acrylic palette organizer that comes with five separate sections for palettes. The depth is big enough to fit about 2 palettes per section.  The sections are all a different length, ascending each section to a longer length, aka, the fifth and last section is the highest. You can arrange palettes multiple ways and can turn it upside down, etc, to store things differently (Pictures of all different storage options below).

 The Palette Holder is $39.00 AUD which is good because the acrylic is real and very sturdy. The only thing is that I would need about 3 more to fit all my palettes, so I do wish there was more sections. Ettica Cubes only ships the palette holder to Australia and New Zealand but there is another brand that sells palette holders for the USA called ‘By Allegory’, so if you want something like this but are in the USA go and check them out (link at end). In regards to shipping speed for Australia and NZ, it is really fast and I got the Palette Holder within days of ordering it.

All in all, I absolutely loveeeeeee love love this palette holder by Ettica and I will be ordering more of them! They arrange your palettes so beautifully and you can see what your grabbing way easier than if they were in draws. I just love having perfectly organised makeup and this palette helps that so much.

Palette Holder Pictures with Products + 3 Storage Options

Option 1

Option 1 is the normal way the palette goes and involves the ‘Ettica’ sign on the front facing forward. This option is good because you can clearly see all the palettes.

Option 2

Option 2 involves the palette holder turned to the side. This option is good because you can quickly identify the palette you want to use and pull it out easily.

Option 3

Option 3 involves turning the palette holder upside down so that it becomes longer than it is wide, aka, stands upright. As I said, the sections increase in size every time (5 times), so the longest side is the one you put at the bottom so that it can stand like this. Make sure you put the heaviest on the bottom if you want to have them this way.

Option Comparison

What is my Favourite Option?

Option 1 is my favourite even though I love them all. It just looks so pretty and neat when it is facing the front and I can see each palette clearly which makes it easy to get what I want. I am definitely a perfectionist and love everything to look as good as it can and Option 1 just stores everything perfectly.

Thank you sooo much for reading babes and I hope you liked this post!! I  will be writing more cosmetic storage posts in the future, so stay tuned for that! Feel free to comment and let me know if you like this palette holder and if you have WordPress be sure to follow me :)

Here are some Where to Buy Links

Where to Buy

Ettica Online (AU/NZ) > Ettica Online Official Link

By Allegory (USA)  > By Allegory Official Link

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