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Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Heyyyy Beautiesss

Today I thought I would show you some makeup inspiration. I am going to start doing these sort of post's for multiple people who I think are makeup and beauty inspirations, and here is the first post :)


Dela Wesst is an up and coming female rapper. Currently, she has mutiple songs released which you can find on multiple platforms, including Apple Music. I will leave some links below to her music and also to all of her social media pages. She has also already created new music, we are just waiting on an official launch date. She is actively working on new music all the time.

Anywaaaays, she is absolutely STUNNING and I can't help but notice how bomb her makeup. always is, so I decided to do a post showing ya'll. All pictures I have added are from her personal instagram account, which as I said I will leave in the link section below so you can follow and check her out yourself.

She has beautiful light blue eyes, beautiful dark skin and hair and does her eye makeup so beautifully to suit her features. One of her signature looks is pink eyeshadow, which she pairs with light and shimmery shades on the lid, while centring the pink in the crease. She does multiple eyeshadow looks but I have noticed this is like a signature look for her. It suits her features so nicely. Also, she does all of her makeup herself!

Here are some more pictures of the queen..

Go and check out the rest of her picturessss and keep up with her on social media!!!!

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