MAC X Patrick Star Eyeshadow Palette in Glam AF Full Review + Swatches

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MAC Cosmetics recently teamed up with Patrick Star for a limited edition collection and today, I am going to be talking about and swatching the Glam AF Palette!

MAC X Patrick Star Collection Eyeshadow Palette in Glam Description

The MAC X Patrick Star palette in Glam AF is a limited edition eyeshadow palette that comes with 4 shades. Each shade contains 1.4 grams, giving the palette a total of 5.6 grams of product. It is made in Canada.

I am now going to talk about each shade in the palette individually, and then I will tell you my overall thoughts on the palette after that!

MAC X Patrick Star Glam AF Palette Shades & Swatches

Shade 1 Brule

Brule is a Matte Pale Cream/Ivory Shade that has a powdery, matte consistency. I would say that the powder is pressed fairly hard, but does have a tiny bit of a creamy feel to it. It has hardly any fall-out when applying, and isn’t one of those super soft eyeshadows.

For me, Brule nearly mimics my natural skin color, so it is perfect for eyeshadow prep and applying all over the lid and crease area as a base. I found that I could pack it up to be more pigmented, but it mostly blended in with my skin, so didn’t show up extremely bright or pigmented. Nonetheless, this shade is perfect for applying over the eye area before you go in with any other eyeshadows, so has a purpose for me.

Shade 2Omigaud

Omigaud is a Bronze Gold Shade that has a Shimmery finish. It has a powdery consistency and is pretty light weight in feel. It has hardly any fall-out or kick-up, and applied to the lid nicely.

It is easy to apply and comes up bright and pigmented using a both a dry natural and synthetic shader brush. Of course, it does come up brighter when you apply it with a wet synthetic shader or cut the lid prior to application, but it does look good when you apply it in the most simple way (dry shader brush). I did find that it was a pretty subtle shade and nothing crazily metallic, but it does still look nice.

Shade 3Saddle

Saddle is an Orange Brown Shade that has a Matte finish. Just like the first matte shade Brule, it has a pressed powder finish that has hardly any fall-out or kick-up when you dip your brush into the eyeshadow or when you apply it to the eyes.

I found that this shade performed well on the eyes, and it is a great shade for transition in the crease. It is pigmented, but I had to build it up heaps to get a good colour pay-off, and it was lighter than I expected it to be. This isn’t a problem for me but just means you have to spend a bit more time building it up to the intensity you want. By the end, I started to go in with a heavier hand and with more product on the brush, and by doing that the pigment did build up quicker.

All in all, I do like this shade and it did perform well, even though it was less pigmented than I initially expected.

Shade 4Embark

Embark is a Dark Brown Shade that has a Matte Finish. It performs the exact same way as Saddle, except that it is more pigmented because it is a darker shade. Embark looks really good over the top of Saddle in the crease, and can be used to deepen the outer V area.

Swatch Comparisons

My Overall Thoughts on Glam AF Palette

The MAC X Patrick Star Palette in Glam AF is a nice little palette to have around if you are a fan of the shades in it. The formula is good, each shadow performs well and is easy to apply and blend. The 3 matte shades work together- the first shade can be used as a prep shade, the second matte shade can be used as a crease transition or all over the lid, and the third matte shade can be used to deepen up the crease and outer V area. The 1 shimmer shade in the palette works well with the matte shades, and has a pretty good colour pay-off.

In saying this, there are only 4 shades, so the amount of different looks you can create with this palette is very limited. I am not sure that I would or purchased this palette if it wasn’t a Patrick Star collaboration simply because you can only really get one solid look out of it.

What do you think of the MAC X Patrick Star Palette in Glam AF?? Let me know in the comments below babes.

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