MAC X Mariah Carey Collection Part 2- Lipglass and Lipstick Swatches

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MAC Cosmetics  recently teamed up with Mariah Carey to create a limited edition collection and in this part, I am going to be talking about and swatching 3 of the MAC X Mariah Lipsticks and 2 of the MAC X Mariah Lip-Glosses.

If you want to read my MAC X Mariah Carey Collection Part 1 before you read Part 2, here is the link – – I will also link this at the end so you can read this post first and then go to part 1.

MAC X Mariah Carey Collection Description/Review

The MAC X Mariah Carey Collection includes 23 items;

5 x MAC X Mariah Lipsticks     • 5 x MAC X Mariah Lip Glass

• 2 x MAC X Mariah Brushes     • 2 x MAC X Mariah Blushes

• 2 x MAC X Mariah Lashes   • 1 x MAC X Mariah Liquid Liner

• 1 x MAC X Mariah Extra Dimension Skinfinish

• 1 x MAC X Mariah Loose Powder

• 2 x MAC X Mariah Eyeshadow Palettes

• 2 x MAC X Mariah Lip Pencils

The collection has the most beautiful, beautiful, beautiful packaging and MAC have really outdone themselves with this packaging. Not only are the actual product packaging amazing, so are the boxes they come in.

MAC X Mariah Carey Collection Part 2

In this part, I am going to be talking about and swatching;

1- MAC X Mariah Lipsticks in Dahhhlinggg, Bit of Bubbly and Mcizzle

2- MAC X Mariah Lipglass in Butterfly Bling and It’s Just Like Honey

I am now going to go over each product individually and then give my overall thoughts/conclusion of the MAC X Mariah Lip Products. Soooo, Let’s get into it!!

MAC X Mariah Carey Lipsticks 

All of these shades have a Creamsheen finish, which is creamy and doesn’t completely dry to a matte finish.

MAC X Mariah ‘DAHHLINGGG’ Lipstick

Dahhlinggg is a nude pink peach shade with a Creamsheen finish. It has more of a light pinky peach colour than Mcizzle.

Dahhhlinggg contains 3 grams (0.1 ounces) of product and is made in Canada.

Dahhlinggg Swatch

MAC X Mariah ‘Mcizzle’ Lipstick

Mcizzle is a nude cool peach shade with a Creamsheen finish.It is a darker pinky peach than Dahhhling.

Mcizzle contains 3 grams (0.1 ounces) of product and is made in Canada.

Mcizzle Swatch

MAC X Mariah ‘Bit of Bubbly’ Lipstick

Bit of Bubbly is a soft pinky nude shade with a Creamsheen finish. Bit of Bubbly is more of a peach toned light nude than the other 2 shades, doesn’t have any pink tones and comes up brighter on the lips.

Bit of Bubbly Swatch

MAC X Mariah Carey Lipstick Swatch Comparisons

MAC X Mariah Carey Lipglass

The MAC X Mariah Carey Lipglass Lipglosses both contain 29.5 grams of product.

It’s Just Like Honey

It’s Just Like Honey is a Tan Shimmer Sheer Lipglass Shade. It’s Just Like Honey has a sheer finish, so isn’t very pigmented, but it’s still a lot more pigmented than Butterfly Beach (below). The formula is heavy and sticky like MAC lip-glosses tend to be and while I do like it and would wear it again, it’s certainly not my favourite lip-gloss product because it just isn’t pigmented enough for me.

It’s Just Like Honey Swatch

Butterfly Bling

Butterfly Bling is a Pink Bronze Shimmer Sheer Lipglass Shade. Butterfly Bling is certainly not opaque (pigmented) and is very sheer in texture, even more sheer than It’s Just Like Honey above. As you can see in the lip and arm swatches below, it has no real colour to it, and it has flecks of white glitter in it. This is not a great look for the lip because lip-gloss with tiny bits of glitter (especially white) can look unattractive unless the formula is perfected (some of the ColourPop liglosses I have tried with glitter in them are nice), but this one unfortunately isn’t. The formula also feels heavy and sticky, and I probably won’t wear it again.

Butterfly Bling Swatch

 MAC X Mariah Carey Lipglass Swatch Comparisons

MAC X Mariah Lip Product Swatches

MAC X Mariah Carey Collection Lip Products Part 2 Conclusion/Final Thoughts

The MAC X Mariah Lipsticks are typical MAC Creamsheen Lipstick’s. The shade selection is alright, and I do like the shades I got, but I think they could of added some different colors and maybe a matte lipstick. I like really pigmented, opaque, preferably matte lipsticks and liquid lipstick’s so these shades are average to me. They are a good addition to my collection but I can’t say that it’s because of the shades or formula, it’s mostly for the packaging (shadddddy lady) lol.

The MAC X Mariah Lip-Glosses are nice products but the shade selection is also not great. Again, I like fully opaque, pigmented glosses that feel light on the lips and not sheer glosses that feel heavy and sticky like these do. I certainly like ‘It’s Just Like Honey’ better than Butterfly Bling because it’s way more pigmented, but these Lip Glasses are just average. The packaging draws you in

All in all, you can expect the typical formula from MAC Cosmetics products, with just a bit of bling!! The actual quality of the products isn’t exactly amazing (which is often the case with all Limited Edition Collection products from MAC). The packaging is certainly out of this world, which makes these products good collection pieces and products you may need in your collection.

I will admit, I am more into collecting Limited Edition products from MAC than buying them for quality. I just find that MAC Limited Edition Products (with the exception of some) are never formulated perfect.

As you will see if you read my MAC X Mariah Collection Part 1 (link below), I really liked the Extra Dimension Skinfinish, Blush and 239 shader Brush, but the lip products were not as good.

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Where To Buy MAC X Mariah Collection?

You can buy the MAC X Mariah Carey Collection at MAC Cosmetics Online + In-Store and at local select department stores.

MAC Cosmetics Online- MAC Cosmetics Online AU Link , MAC Cosmetics Online USA

Most countries have their own MAC Cosmetics Site for people to buy from, so just type ‘MAC Cosmetics’ followed by your country into google for a link to your country store.


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