Lit Cosmetics Glitter Part 1, Review + Swatches in Barbie Shops, Abba, Cher, Champagne Wishes and Jo

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Lit Cosmetics have a range of glitters and today I am going to be talking about them and swatching 5 shades.

Lit Cosmetics Glitter Description/Review

The Lit Cosmetics Glitters are Cosmetic Grade loose glitters that come in multiple shades and contain 3.9 grams (0.14 ounces) of product. The Glitters come in 3 different sizes including size 1, size 2, size 3 and size 4.

Size 1- Micro cut (.002 x .002)- Smallest Size

Size 2Small Cut ( .004 x .004)- Second Smallest Size

Size 3Medium Cut ( .008 x .008)- Second Largest Size

Size 4Large Cut ( .015 x 0.15)- Largest Size

I like all sizes, but Size 2 and 3 are my favorites

The Glitters also come in 3 different finishes including Shimmer, Holographic and Solid.

Shimmer Glitters are shimmery and reflect rainbow

Solid Glitters are a solid colour and have no multi-colour reflection

Holographic Glitters are solid and reflect all primary colors

All finishes are really nice and I like all of them.

Glitters can make an eyeshadow look really pop, so I really like  to use glitter on the lids after applying shadow to intensify everything. Glitters can be used for other things, like applying them on top of a lipsticks, mixing them with blush and using them on the body. These Lit Cosmetics glitters perform like any other cosmetic glitter, all glitters by all brands are basically the same.

To get these glitters to stick on the eyes over eyeshadow, you will need a glitter glue, which can be purchased from Lit Cosmetics too (photo of the one I have below). You then dip the glue on the brush and then into the glitter, and put it on your eyes. The glue comes in a pretty large bottle so you won’t need to repurchase for a while, but you do need glue to stick the glitter down.

All in all, I really like the Lit Cosmetics Glitters!!! They are a bit expensive, but I do like them.

The Lit Cosmetics Glitters cost $21.18 AUD ($16.00 USD) each and can be purchased from Lit Cosmetics Online

Now, let’s get into the shades and swatches babes!!

Shades + Swatches (x5) 

Barbie Shops in Size 3

Barbie Shops is a Shimmer Clear Multi Rainbow Shade

Barbie Shops Swatch

ABBA in Size 2

ABBA is Shimmer Light Pink Shade with Yellow Flecks

ABBA Swatch

Cher in Size 3

Cher is a Holographic Silver with Multi Colour Shade

Cher Swatch

Champagne Wishes in Size 2

Champagne Wishes is a Solid Sandy Gold Shade with Rainbow Flecks

Champagne Wishes Swatch

Joy Size 3

Joy is a Solid Copper and Sliver Shade

Joy Swatch

Swatch Comparisons

More Pictures

What do you think of the glitters?? Let me know in the comments below!

Where To Buy Lit Cosmetics Glitter??

Lit Cosmetics Online- Lit Cosmetics Online Site Link

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