LA Girl Strobe Lite Strobing Powder Highlighter Review + Swatches x12 Shades

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LA Girl Cosmetics have a range of highlighters called the Strobing Powder Highlighters and today, I am going to be talking about them and swatching all of the shades in the range

LA Girl Strobing Powder Highlighter Description/Review


The LA Girl Strobe Strobing Powder Highlighters are powder highlighters that come in multiple shades. Each shade contains 5.5 grams (0.19 ounces) of product, is made in China and has a shelf life of 36 months.

The formula is extremely buttery and pigmented. All of the shades glide onto the cheeks so perfectly and blend in really nice, while giving a popping, strong glow. There is a tiny bit of fall out because they have so much pigment, so just be careful of how much you apply at once.

The shade range is soooo massive and contains enough shades to suit a variety of lighter and darker complexions, so there is deffo a shade in the range for everyone and every skin type. As with all highlighters, they can also be used as eyeshadows, which make them extremely versatile. My favourite thing is putting some of the lighter glow-y shades into the inner corner of my eyes.


All in all, I absolutely LOVE the LA Girl Strobing Highlighters. I think they are such an affordable, high quality product that will have you glowing for days. I totally recommend trying some of these babes.

The LA Girl Strobing Highlighters cost $11.37 AUD , $9.00 USD – each and can be purchased from multiple stores including LA Girl Online, BeautyBay and Crush Cosmetics.

Now let’s get on to the shades and swatches babes!!!!!!

Shades + Swatches

I am going to be swatching the 12 shades in the LA Girl Strobing Highlighter range

120 Watt

120 Watt is a Shimmery Pearl White Shade

120 Watt Swatch

110 Watt

110 Watt is a Shimmery White Yellow Shade

110 Watt Swatch

100 Watt 

100 Watt is a Shimmery Pale White Yellow Gold Shade

100 Watt Swatch

90 Watt

90 Watt is a Shimmery Pink White Shade

90 Watt Swatch

80 Watt

80 Watt is a Shimmery Yellow Gold Shade

80 Watt Swatch

70 Watt

70 Watt is a Shimmery Pink Gold Shade

70 Watt Swatch

60 Watt

60 Watt is a Shimmery Yellow Shade

60 Watt Swatch

50 Watt

50 Watt is a Shimmery Pale Gold Shade

50 Watt Swatch

40 Watt

40 Watt is a Shimmery Light Copper Shade

40 Watt Swatch

30 Watt

30 Watt is a Shimmery Pink Shade

30 Watt Swatch

20 Watt

20 Watt is a Shimmery Bronze Gold Shade

20 Watt Swatch

10 Watt

10 Watt is a Shimmery Bronze Shade

10 Watt Swatch

Swatch Comparisons

What do you think of the LA Girl Strobe Highlighters?? What is you’re favourite shade?? Let me know in the comments below babes!!!!

Where To Buy LA Girl Highlighters??

LA Girl Online USA- LA Girl USA Online Site Link

BeautyBay- BeautyBay Online Site Link

Ry- Ry Cosmetics AU Online Site Link

Crush Cosmetics- Crush Cosmetics Online Site Link

Discount Beauty Boutique- Discount Beauty Boutique Online Site Link

Lady Moss Beauty- Lady Moss Beauty Online Site Link

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