Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lip Kit + Lip Liner Review + Swatches – 35 Shades

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Kylie Cosmetics have a range of Lip Kit’s and Matte Liquid Lipstick’s and today, I am going to be swatching 35 shades in the range and reviewing the liquid lipstick’s and lip pencils!!!

I am going to go through and swatch + compare the shades, and then under that I will talk about/reviewthem!!

Shades + Swatches

I am going to swatch 35 shades of Kylie’s Matte formula

Candy K

Candy K is a Matte Warm Pink Nude Shade

Candy K Swatches

KoKo K

KoKo K is a Matte Pale Pink Shade

KoKo K Swatches


Bubble is an extremely Light Pink Shade

Bubble Swatches

High Maintenance

High Maintenance is a Baby Pink Shade

High Maintenance Swatches

Posie K

Posie K is a Matte Cool Toned Berry Shade

Posie K Swatches


Exposed is a Matte Warm Mid-Toned Nude Shade

Exposed Swatches

Dirty Peach

Dirty Peach is a Matte Mid Toned Yellow Peach Shade

Dirty Peach Swatches


Apricot is a Matte Peach Shade

Apricot Swatches

 One Wish

One Wish is a s a Matte Pink Nude Shade

One Wish Swatches


Penelope is a Matte Orange Peach Shade

Penelope Swatches

Dolce K

Dolce K is a Matte Deep Nude Beige Shade

Dolce K Swatches


Maliboo is a Matte Light Brown Cool Nude Shade

Maliboo Swatches


Mink is a Matte Brown Grey Shade

Mink Swatches

Love Bite

Love Bite is a Matte Rich Plum Brown Shade

Love Bite Swatches


Kristen is a Matte Warm Brown Berry Shade

Kristen Swatches

Mary Jo K

Mary Jo K is a Matte True Blue Red Shade

Mary Jo K Swatches


22 is a Matte Orange Red Shade

22 Swatches


Spice is a Matte Deepened Raspberry Plum Shade

Spice Swatches

Kourt K

Kourt K is a Matte Deep Plum Shade

Kourt K Swatches


Khlo$ is a Matte Orange Nude Shade

Khlo$ Swatches


Ginger is a Matte Warm Terracotta Brown Shade

Ginger Swatches


Okurrr is a Matte Raspberry Red Shade

Okurrr Swatches


Bunny is a Matte Cool Mid-Toned Mauve Shade

Bunny Swatch


Doll is a Matte Bright Tangerine Shade

Doll Swatches

Baby Girl

Baby Girl is a Matte Warm Muted Coral Shade

Baby Girl Swatch


Smile is a Matte Light Pink Shade

Smile Swatches

June Bug

June Bug is a Matte Bright Pastel Purple Shade

June Bug Swatches


Valentine is a Matte Hot Pink Shade

Valentine Swatches


Twenty is a Matte Mid-Toned Rose Brown Shade

Twenty Swatches


Gorg is a Matte Deep Red Plum Shade

Gorg Swatches


Shady is a Matte Blue Grey Shade

Shady Swatches

Swatch Comparisons

Lip Liner Review/Description

The Kylie Cosmetics Lip Liners come with each Matte Lip Kit, and some shades can be purchased alone. The liners have an extremely thick, creamy consistency and unlike traditional lip liners that have a really rough, chalky consistency, the Kylie Lip Liners have soft, sharp, creamy tips that spread across the skin with minimal effort. I prefer lip liners like these wayyyy more than traditional ones because they don’t pull on the skin when you are applying them.

The Kylie Lip Liners have extremely high colour pay-off, and are fully opaque. I have some issues with the pencils though, and no matter how many I purchase, I run into this same very problem.

The liners get blunt very fast, and they do this extremely weird thing. Once you have worn the pencil down for the first time and it’s time to sharpen, when you put it in the sharpener, the actual product in the pencil becomes loose. This is the exact same problem I had again and again and still have with the ColourPop Lip Liners. The company that owns ColourPop owns and produces Kylie Cosmetics, which isn’t a problem, but their pencils are the exact same and do the same thing. I should mention that this is the same issue I had with the Kylie Cosmetics Eye Pencil, which I did note in my full post on the eye pencil.

What I mean by the product in the pencil becomes loose is that when you tilt it upside down, it will fall straight out. You can sharpen it, and the tip sharpens up extremely well and the pencil is very useable, but there will always be the bit of looseness in the pencil. I manage to get by with using them because they do sharpen well, but I am always very conscious of how loose it feels in the pencil. It’s also like the pencil get’s pushed back into the tube because when the pencil is blunt, and I tilt it up, the tip protrudes and you see more product, but when you turn the pencil up the right way, it goes back down.

All in all, the pencils are extremely pigmented, creamy and spread well on the lips, but it’s not hard to know that the quality is quite low. This isn’t a massive issue because the pencil does sharpen well,, but the design is very cheap and I wish the quality was a bit higher.

Matte Liquid Lipstick Review

The Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick’s are matte, fully transfer-proof, drying liquid lipstick’s that come in multiple shades. The matte liquid lipstick’s can be purchased as singles, or can be purchased in a lip kit that comes with a liquid lipstick and a matching lip liner in the same shade. Each liquid lipstick contains 3.25 ml – 0.11 fluid ounces of product, has a shelf life of 12 months and is made in the USA.

The consistency of the Kylie Matte Liquid Lipstick’s is a thin liquid that has some creaminess to it but I would deffo class it as more liquid in consistency than creamy. The formula is relatively lightweight on the lips, especially when you compare it to thicker formula’s like the Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick’s.

The formula of all of the shades in the liquid matte range is consistent, meaning that they all perform the same except for slight differences that are a result of the different pigment ingredients that are added on top of the base formula to produce the specific color/tone of the lipstick. What I have noticed with the Kylie Matte’s is that the lighter and brighter shades tend to apply really well and are not streaky, but the dark, deep purple and brown shades tend to be extremely streaky and hard to apply.  For example, the shade Kourt K and Gorg are extremely patchy, streaky and hard to apply, but other deep shades such as Mary Jo K and Love Bite apply perfectly. I would put this down to the fact that Mary Jo K and Love Bite are brighter than Kourt K and Gorg, and deep purple shades tend to be hard to perfect, and Kylie certainly hasn’t perfected them. Other than that, all of the shades apply evenly and easy to the lips, and as I said, work the exact same as one another.

In terms of comfort and dryness, there is no comfort and a whole lottttt of dryness. The Kylie Matte’s dry extremely quickly (as in, while you are in the middle of applying). I have timed myself applying them numerous times and they always dry within 15 seconds, sometimes when I am right in the middle of filling in my upper lip. This means that you have to work quickly when you are applying the lipstick’s because they do not layer or build up very well  because they are soooo drying and when you do layer them, they go crumbly very quickly.

My advice is to dip back into the liquid lipstick after you finish filling in the bottom lip (or whatever one you do first), because the formula dries so quickly and when you try and use the product that is on the applicator tip to fill in both the top and bottom lip, it can start to drag as the product dries, even when there is clearly product still on the wand. The applicator that comes in the matte liquidlipstick’s is a nice medium-sized doe-foot applicator with a narrow, domed tip. The applicator works really well with the product and disperses it evenly and with high color payoff. The applicator tip isn’t too big or too small, and you could certainly get away with using the tip as a lip liner and skipping liner. The Kylie Matte’s have a long lasting power, stay on the lips for hours without budging and are fully transfer-proof.

As I said, the comfort level of the Kylie Liquid Matte’s on the lips is zero to none pretty much, and they are hands down one of the most dry, matte formula’s I have ever tried (and I have tried a lot of liquid matte’s). The formuladries sooo fast, so as you can imagine, if it feels extremelyuncomfortable on the lips after 15 seconds, it feels absolutely horrible after 15 and worse after an hour. After a few hours, all liquid lipstick’s will go dry, crumbly and flakey, but the Kylie Matte’s are on a whole other level and really are very, very drying. All liquid lipstick’s feel horrible after a few hours, so I wasn’t surprised that the Kylie Matte’s did the same thing, but if you are someone who can’t stand dry liquid lipstick’s, you will want to stay FAR away from the Kylie Matte’s. Conversely, if you are someone who doesn’t care about comfort and wants a fully transfer-proof, matte liquid lipstick, you will love these.

The shade range of the Kylie Matte’s is soooo extensive, and she releases new, limited edition shades, as well as permanent shades, on a frequent basis. I think having such an extensive and large shade range is good because it means that everyone will be able to find a shade that suits them and matches up with their preferences.

All in all, the Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick’s are transfer-proof, fully matte lipstick’s that stay on the lips for hours on end. Theformula is consistent across the range and each shade performs the same, except for the dark, deep shades which tend to be streaky, hard to work with and not flattering on the lips. The majority of the liquid lipstick’s work extremely well however, and they are easy to apply to the lips. The matte’s are extremely drying and very uncomfortable, but all liquid lipstick’s are, even though the Kylie’s Matte’s are significantly more dry than some other, fully matte formula’s.

What is your favourite shade?? Let me know in the comments below babes!!!!!

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