Kylie Cosmetics Lip Set Collection Comparisons- KoKo Kollection First Edition vs KoKo Kollection Sec

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

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Kylie Cosmetics recently released part TWO to the KoKo Kollection and launched a new lip set. Today, I am going to be comparing the first edition KoKo lip set to the second edition KoKo lip set.

I am going to show and compare the shades in both lip set’s, and then I will provide an overall comparison/conclusion after that.

I have FULL individual review and swatch posts on both of these lip sets, which I will link at the end! Leggooooo!!

KoKo Kollection Lip Set First Edition

The KoKo Kollection Lip Set Edition 1 contains 4 lip products- 3 matte liquid lipsticks and 1 glossy lip.

Damn Gina- Glossy Shimmery Shade

Khlo$- Matte Nude Brown Shade

Okurrr- Matte Pink Shade

Gorg- Matte Deep Purple Shade

KoKo Kollection Lip Set Second Edition

The KoKo Kollection Lip Set Edition 2 also contains 4 lip products- 3 matte liquid lipsticks and 1 glossy lip.

Bunny- Matte Muted Purple Shade

Sugar Plum- Glossy Shimmery Nude Shade

Baby Girl- Matte Pinky Coral Shade

Doll- Matte Orange Red Shade

KoKo Lip Set Edition 1 vs Edition 2 Swatch Comparisons

Overall Comparison/Conclusion- What Collection Is My Favourite?

Both of the KoKo Kollection Lip Sets are very similar- they both have 3 mattes and 1 gloss, have the same gold packaging, same formula and same applicators- but the shades are obviously different. The KoKo Edition 1 lip products have all been made permanent as singles, but the KoKo Edition 2 is only sold in a limited edition bundle,  which is still available on her site right now. I hope that she eventually makes these shades permanent because they are beautiful and I would repurchase!!

The glosses are quite similar but Sugar Plum (from KoKo Edition 2) is more pigmented and has more of a peach colour to it. Damn Gina (from KoKo Edition 1) is more sheer and leaves more shimmer/glitter than colour. Both glosses are pretty but I like Sugar Plum from KoKo Edition 2 better than Damn Gina.

In terms of mattes, the KoKo Set Edition 1 has a matte brown nude shade, a matte red pink shade and a matte dark purple shade. The KoKo Set Edition 2 has a matte muted purple shade, a matte pinky coral shade and a matte red orange shade. I love the matte shades in KoKo Edition 1, but the matte shades in KoKo Edition 2 are just amazing and go the extra mile. Bunny, Baby Girl and Doll are shades that can be worn everyday,, are not too crazy and all apply so easily.  In the KoKo Edition 1, the deep purple shade is quite unwearable and fairly streaky and not everyone will rock a hot pink lip.

Overall, I do like the KoKo Kollection Lip Set Edition 2 more than Edition 1, but I do like the shades in KoKo 1. I will just get sooo much more use out of the second one that’s for sure.

Do you like the first edition set OR the second edition set better?? What shades are you’re favourites?? Let me know in the comments below babes!!!

Where To Buy KoKo Lip Products???

Kylie Cosmetics Online- Kylie Cosmetics Online Site Link

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