Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Collection – Super Glitter Gloss in Snow Sparkles Review + Swatches

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Kylie Cosmetics has released a Holiday 2018 Collection, including the new Glitter Glosses, and today I am going to be talking about them.

Kylie Glitter Gloss Description + Product Information

The Kylie Glitter Gloss in the shade Snow Sparkles, is an extremely glittery, duochrome and pigmented gloss. The gloss was released as part of the Kylie Holiday 2018 Collection.. Each bottle contains 30 grams (0.11 ounces) and has a shelf life of 12 months and is made in the USA. The Kylie Glitter Glosses, come in 2 different shades and both cost $17.00 USD – $23.01AUD

The formula contains pink and blue glitter duo-chromatic pigments that are dispersed through a clear gloss, or a sheer peach gloss. It seems like the ratio to glitter and to gloss would be even, but you can see the glitter way more. The glitter particles are bold and gives you a nice POP of colour that is unnoticeable.

The glosses have a smooth and sticky texture, that don’t feel uncomfortable.The texture feels super lightweight. There is no sharp glitters in the formula that are irritating, they are soft and you can barely feel them on the lips.

There are a variety of different more ways to use this product, including- applying them onto the lips alone, – applying them over the top of a matte liquid lipstick, and adding it to the eyelids to create a pop.

There are other ways you can use it , like adding it over highlighter. They are also good to have around for parities/get togethers.

In terms of application, you can either swipe it on, or dab it on. Both works good and I like to use a bit of both. Dabbing it on will give you more pigmented by and keeps things precise, whereas swiping will all over the lips, meaning you have less accuracy. go over your lips will give you less control.  Personally, I like to dab product.

Applicator Information

The Applicator here is is the same applicator that she puts in all her glosses.It isn’t  a doe-front, and it is more of a plastic-like material. I think it does works really well with the Glitter Glosses though because you are applying a very, glittery pigment. They don’t work with me for many of her glosses because I feel like the applicators are tacky and cheap.

The applicators has so much resistance so when you apply it, you feel like you’re i fighting to applying. It can get so sluggish. The applicator gloss works extremely well, and and it works perfectly applying the product. It doesn’t apply product well, and that is that.  

Shades + Swatches

I am going to swatch the Glitter Gloss by itself and over other lip products..

Snow Sparkles

Snow Sparkles is a Gloss filled when Blue and pink Duo Chromatic glitter sparkles.

Snow Sparkles Over Other Lip Products

I am now going to show you some of my other liquid lipstick’s under Snow Sparkles.

Snow Sparkles over Blow Pony (JS)

Snow Sparkles over Penelope (Kylie)

Snow Sparkles over Scorpio

Swatch Comparisons

What do you think of the Kylie Cosmetics Glitter Gloss? Let me know in the comments below babes....

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