KKW Ultra Light Beams & Gloss First Impression, Description + Swatches in Iridescent and Bronze

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Today I am going to be showing you pictures, describing and swatching the KKW Ultra Light Beam Glosses & Powder in the shade Iridescent and Bronze

Product Information + First Impressions

The KKW Ultra Light Beams and Gloss is a kit that comes in 4 shades, and contains a gloss and a loose powder in that shade. The powder contains 2.12 grams and the gloss contains 3.50 grams of product. They have a shelf life of 12 months and are made in the USA.

In regards to my first impressions, I do like both of the products. The gloss has a little bit of glitter and reflects, but it’s nowhere near what I expected. Same with the powder, it kind of has more pigment than glitter, which can be an issue especially with the white powder. It is kind of hard to come up on the skin, and I would of liked more glitter. I can’t give you my full opinon yet because I need to try the products out some more.

Let’s move onto swatches babes!!!!!

Lip + Arm Swatches

I am now going to show you arm and lip swatches of the Ultra Light Beam Sets in the colour Iridescent and Bronze

Iridescent Gloss + Powder Swatches

Bronze Gloss + Powder Swatches

Swatch Comparisons (Iridescent vs Bronze)

What do you think of the KKW Ultra Beam Light Glosses & Powder?? Let me know in the comments below, and expect a full review soon. I haven’t used it enough to say for sure, if I like it. Upon first impressions, I do.. But I need to test it more!

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Where To Buy?

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