KKW Beauty Creme Contour and Highlighter Kit in Shade Light Review + Swatches

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As I am sure you are aware, Kim Kardashian recently launched her own beauty line called KKW Beauty and today, I am going to be talking about her first product which is a contour and highlighter kit!!

KKW Beauty Creme Contour and Highlighter Kit Description

The KKW Beauty Contour and Highlighter Kit comes with multiple products including….

1 x Double Ended Contour Stick that contains 2 shades- one lighter and one darker

1 x Double Ended Highlighter Stick that contains 2 shades- one matte and one shimmery

1 x Double Ended Brush Tool with 2 sides – one sponge and one kabuki brush

I am going to go over each product that comes in the kit individually and then at the end I will tell you my overall thoughts on the it.

KKW Contour Stick in Light

The KKW Contour Stick comes with 2 matte dark contour shades- one lighter and one darker. Each side contains 0.9 grams (0.032 ounces) of product, giving the contour stick a total of 1.8 grams (0.064 ounces) of product. The stick has a shelf life of 12 months and is made in the USA.

The formula is extremely creamy and soft. It is super fragile, so you have to make sure you’re not fully winding it up but I really didn’t have any problem with this and it didn’t break.

In regards to the shades in the contour stick, I think they are really good for the light stick and both shades work perfectly on my pale skin. At first I did think that the darkest contour shade would be a little bit light and might not come up, but when I applied it, it was deffo dark enough and didn’t fade into nothing.

I will say, I do really like the contour stick. However, I stopped using cream contour a while back because I just feel like it’s another thing you’re putting on top of the skin and I dunno, powder is just easier for me. In saying this, I would use this from time to time just because it helps powder contour pop more, but I don’t think I will reach for it daily, it’s too much effort.

Something you need to realise is that the contour stick isn’t magic, it’s exactly like what you would expect from a typical contour stick. I feel like people are expecting crazy thing’s because it’s from Kim Kardashian but as I said, if you have used a contour stick before in your life, you will be able to imagine just how this works.

It’s just your typical contour stick, which isn’t a bad thing of course, I just think people should lower their expectations and stop thinking it’s going to be magic just because of the name. If you are buying this thinking it’s going to be different than any other contour stick, you will be disappointed. I feel like people are buying it just to critique it when they already know what it’s going to be like. So many other brands have contour sticks but they don’t get this much slack for it. There is only so much you can do with it.

Anywayyyy, I do like this stick but I am unsure how much I will use it because I am so used to powder by now and I prefer it because it just looks better and you don’t have to spend fifteen minutes blending shit out. Cream contour tends to look really muddy too, no matter what brand made it, and this stick is no exception..

Also, I think if Kim launched this back when cream contour was a MASSIVE thing, I would of used it more and absolutely loved the fuck out of it. I used to cream contour like crazy and didn’t know what products to get, but over-time I just started to prefer powder so much more. In saying this, I deffo don’t think this is a bad product at all, it’s just that I prefer powder over cream.

I am now going to go over the contour stick in light swatches, and then move on to talking about and swatching the highlighter stick!!

KKW Contour Stick in Shade ‘Light’ Swatches

Contour Shade 1 in Light Kit 

Shade 1 in the Light Contour Stick is a Matte Light Greyish Chocolate Brown Shade

Contour Shade 2 in Light Kit

Shade 2 in the Light Contour Stick is a Matte slightly darker Greyish Chocolate Brown Shade

KKW Highlighting Stick in Shade Light

The KKW Highlighter Stick comes with 2 highlighter shades- one matte and one shimmery. Each side contains 0.9 grams (0.032 ounces) of product, giving the contour stick a total of 1.8 grams (0.064 ounces) of product. The stick has a shelf life of 12 months and is made in the USA.

The formula is exactly the same as the contour stick- light and creamy. Like with the contour stick, you have to be careful because the consistency is fragile. Make sure you don’t wind it up fully, and you will be alright.

In regards to the matte highlighter shade, that’s a big no-no for me. Again, this isn’t just with the KKW highlighter stick, any matte highlighter that comes in stick form like this is horrible. I don’t know if it’s suppose to mimic concealer, hide imperfections, or what it’s suppose to do, but it doesn’t highlight or conceal anything. It just makes the skin look horrible. If you get this thinking it’s going to make you’re skin look good, you won’t get that. It’s just a knock off form of concealer and it’s terrible. It honestly makes any foundation and concealer under it look horrible and wrecks the whole look. YEAH NAH!

This is something I dont get with matte highlight contour shades.. They never DO ANYTHING except make you’re skin look cakey without covering or ‘highlighting’ anything. The whole cream ‘highlight’ concept confuses me, when you see a face chart showing where to contour and highlight I just think…. but foundation and concealer goes on the highlight parts… why do we need to add YET ANOTHER PRODUCT over the top that does nothing??? Absolutely ridiculous, PASSSSS!!!!

Again, this is not just wit this stick, it’s with any. I will stick with foundation and concealer for this part thanks. All you are doing is PILING, and yeah I mean PILING product on the skin where you don’t need it. It ends up looking like a hot mess every single time. The ONLY thing I might use the matte highlight shade for is priming the eyelids and eye area, but even then I would prefer a thicker eyeshadow primer.

In regards to the shimmery highlight shade, that is WAY better than the matte and actually serves the purpose it is suppose to. I don’t know how much I will reach for it because again, powder highlighter is so much easier for me and looks so much better, but this side of the highlighter stick isn’t horrible. I think I will deffo use it under powder highlight, which will make it pop even more. I also really love this shade for the tip of the nose and the shape of the stick makes this easy.

All in all, the highlighter stick is hit and miss. The matte shade is fucking horrible but the shimmery shade is okay.

I am going to show you the light highlighter stick swatches, and then move on to talking about the brush included!!

Matte Highlight Shade in Light Kit

The Matte Shade in the Light Highlighter Stick is a Light Ivory Cream Shade

Shimmery Highlight Shade in Light Kit

The Shimmery Shade in the Light Highlighter Stick is a Pale White Gold Shade

KKW Contour + Highlighter Stick in Shade Light Swatch Comparisons

KKW Blending Brush Tool

The KKW Blending Brush Tool that comes with the kit has 2 different sides- one side is a sponge and one side is a kabuki type brush.

Sponge Side

The sponge side is kind of like a tiny, half sized beauty blender on top of a stick. I do find that this blends product out easily when you pat and swipe, but it isn’t as good as a Beauty Blender and it does take a while to blend everything out good.

Brush Side

The Brush Side is like a kabuki brush with tightly packed bristles. This side is horrid. It moves product all over the place and I just don’t see the use of this thing. I deffo like the sponge side better and will NEVER use this stiff ass side.

SOOOO, to sum it up, here is my overall thoughts on the kit………

My Overall Thoughts on the KKW Contour Kit

So I wanna start with saying, I don’t hate this product at all. I was actually expecting SO MUCH WORSE from reading/watching all the review’s, but it certainly wasn’t as bad as people will have you think… I know it’s a matter of preference, and I generally do like things, but when I hate things I hate them, and I don’t hate this. That isn’t too say it’s a perfect product, but what product is? People expect too much from the Kardashians and it’s like….. Lower you’re expectations boo, these people are not god’s of the makeup manufacturing world and they don’t produce miracle products……

The contour stick is a winner for me, even though I kind of dislike cream contour, I will use this stick from time to time. I don’t think I will use it daily on the whole face because it’s just too much product building up and it takes so much more time then contouring with powder, but I will use this to contour my nose a lot.

The highlighter stick was a LOSER for me. The shimmery shade is okay but the matte shade is fucking horrible, just like they are in all contour sticks. The concept of highlighting those parts of the face with a product that isn’t even going to highlight anything or make your skin look good is ridiculous. If you have foundation and concealer underneath, you shouldn’t need to highlight all over with any matte shade. The matte shade just oxidises and leaves the skin looking horrid.

The brush is a bit stiff and hard to use, but it’s not horrible. The sponge sider is better than the other side which I see no purpose in, but it is probably there incase you need more help blending product out with the sponge, cause as I said, it’s a slow process blending the product out.. I will say, I am someone who simply does not want to spend a lot of time blending out product, and this brush will put 15 minutes onto your makeup application time. It’s hard to work with but not impossible and I don’t hate it but don’t love it.

All in all, I was happy with the product and it was how I expected it to be, but the truth is cream contouring died a long time ago, at least in the way Kim still promotes it. Building up so much product on the skin may look good in photos with a smoothing filter, but I can guarantee you that in person, it looks muddy as fuck and not flattering, and will crack big time very quickly. The beauty guru’s don’t show or tell you this….. Less is best if you really want your face to look flawless and powder is just so much better, both for contouring AND highlighting.

I will say, the amount of product you get is a joke.. Contouring is something that is done everyday just like foundation, so this will run out quickly considering that. I’m not sure what she was thinking here, but if I was to take a shot in the dark… I would say she wants people to keep coming back to buy more constantly, which wouldn’t happen if she gave you lots of product. It’s a Kardashian, DER.

I have to say, the packaging is absolutely FUCKING AMAZING. I am a superficial bitch like that and I was very very happy with the packaging. Sex toy jokes aside, I love the nude theme and everything feels very elegant to me.

All in all, the product isn’t amazing, but it’s not terrible either. I am deffo keen to see more from what Kim has to offer, at first I was skeptical because I DO NOT LIKE THE KARDASHIANS most of the time, BUT I do think her line has potential that’s for sure. Will I re buy this product? No. Will I buy her upcoming new products? Yes.

I do think that if Kim came out with this when cream contouring was a big thing, it would of made sense but honestly people are so done with that by this point. Kim Kardashian did have a big influence on this cream contour to the face chart trend, but I don’t know where she has been because that trend died ages ago, literally years ago….. lmfao

What do you think of the KKW Contour + Highlighter Stick?? Are you going to or have you purchased it?? Let me know in the comments below babes..

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