Jouer X Jeffree Star Lip Topper in Sweet Tooth First Impression + Photos

Heyyyyyyyy Beautiesssss

My Jouer X Jeffree Star Lip Topper arrived today and in this post, I am going to be showing you pictures and letting you know my first impressions based on the look of the product.

I am starting to structure my post’s a bit differently because I have stepped up my game in regards to my work space and equipment, so my review posts are going to take a bit longer to get out because I like to take multiple photos and swatches (on face and on arm) and I like to really try products out in every way possible.

These first impression post’s will include photos of the product and my first impressions/thoughts. Doing these posts first will be good in that I am going to be able to tell you if the product lived up to, or was worse than, I initially expected.

Sooooooooo…. Let’s get into it babes!!!!!

Jouer Cosmetics X Jeffree Star Lip Topper in Sweet Tooth Description + First Impression

The Jouer X Jeffree Star Lip Topper in Sweet Tooth is a limited edition pink, sparkly  and glittery lip coat/topper. It can be worn over any other lip product and can also be worn alone. I haven’t tested it yet, but it might also look good on the eyes as a lid topper or worn as a liner. The first urge I have is to layer this over multiple liquid lipstick’s, and try it on my EYES lol!!! I think that it might look good in the centre of the lid over the top of shadow to make an eyeshadow look pop, so I am deffo going to put that to the test and will let you know how it goes in my full review post.

In terms of my hypothesis so to speak, I am expecting the formula to be very similar if not the same to the other Jouer Lip Toppers, which is a good formula. I’m not really expecting this to be unique or work differently to other lip toppers, they all mostly work the same so I kind of know what to expect but again, we will see when I fully test it. I do have high hopes for the product and I think it is going to work well and look nice on. I am very excited to play around with it and I have a TONNE of ideas.

The packaging is absolutely stunning. It is so much more sparkly and beautiful than I expected. I absolutely LOVE how the bottle/tube is fully clear and you can see through it. I am not a fan of the silver reflective top of the applicator though, it gets dirty and messy so easily which annoys me, but it is so simple to wipe off so it’s no biggie. I tend to use lip products in-between/after foundation and as you can imagine that can be a mess when it comes to dealing with reflective packaging like this. Again that’s not really an issue at all and just me reaching.

Other than that, the Sweet Tooth Lip Topper contains 5.9 ml (0.20 fluid ounces) of product. It has a shelf life of 12 months and is made in the USA with US and Imported Components (aka, some ingredients are bought from other countries, common among brands and not necessarily shady).

Sweet Tooth retails for $19.94 AUD – $16.00 USD and can be purchased from Beautylish, BeautyBay and Jouer Cosmetics Online (currently sold out at Jouer).

Here are some more photos of the Sweet Tooth Lip Topper!!! Stay tuned for my FULL in-depth review where I will talk about the product and show you swatches!!!!

As always, let me know your thoughts on the product in the comments below!!!!!

 Loveeeeeeee Always,




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