Jeffree Star Lip Ammunition Traditional Lipsticks Review + Swatches

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

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Jeffree Star Cosmetics has a range of traditional, stick lipsticks that are called the Lip Ammunition Lipsticks, and today I am going to be talking about/reviewing them, as well as doing lip and arm swatches.

Jeffree Star Lip Ammunition Lipstick Description + Review

The Jeffree Star Lip Ammunitions are traditional stick lipsticks that come in multiple shades. Each shade contains 3.3 grams (0.12 fluid ounces) of product, has a shelf life of 12 months and is made in the USA.

The Lipsticks have a Satin finish, which is a cross between a matte finish and creamy finish. The consistency is thick and creamy. The thickness of the formula makes the lipsticks look flattering on the lips, and they don't sink into fine lines or look wrinkly.

I do think that the thick consistency makes the lipsticks a bit hard to apply. They can be hard to spread, and they tug on the lips a lot.

Once you get that first layer of pigment onto the lips, it becomes so much easier to even it out and build it up, but when applying the first layer it feels like chalk sliding across the lips with lot of resistance.

I don't have that much of a problem with this because as I said, it is easy to build up and once it is built up, you are good to go, but you NEED to make sure that you are not winding the lipstick fully up , or it will most likely snap in half when you're applying it.

I thought that the tugging and resistance might just be the top layer of the new lipsticks, and I will say over time it did become less hard to apply, but it takes a while so I don't think it was just the top layer, I think that is how they are.

Staying on the subject of application, I want to quickly mention the packaging.

I do feel like it is a tiny bit cheap and could be the reason that the product is so resistant. As I said above, when you're winding the product up, it feels like it is close to breaking. I don't know exactly what it is, but I feel like the twisty bit that you use to wind the product up is too tight, and it kind of clicks, so you have to make sure your being gentle with it. I will say over time the packaging started to become less tight with less resistance.

The lipsticks all leave a slight stain on the lips, meaning that even though they can be messy at first and do transfer onto thing's (fingers, teeth, hands, straws, everything), they stay put and have long lasting power.

They fade down so beautifully and are not messy in regards to how they wear down. As I said above, they are a tiny bit messy when you first apply them because the formula isn't fully matte, so they get everywhere and product comes off, but by the end of the day they at not messy at all.

I really like how they leave a subtle stain after a few hours. I really wasn't expecting them to last so good throughout the day.

When I was doing my wear/lasting power test, I noticed that the lipsticks start off wet and creamy, and after 30 minutes or so, turn into a nice, dry, stain-like finish. I am not sure if this is the formula, or if this is a result of the creamy, wet, top-layer transferring off and leaving behind a nice residue, but I am impressed and it looks good.

Usually, I wouldn't be game to wear lipstick's like this out when I couldn't keep checking and touching up, but I would be confident enough to wear these out because they really cling to the lips and don't get too messy. They feel heaps comfortable, both when they are creamy and when they are more dry, and even though you can feel that you are wearing lipstick, it feels pretty lightweight.

I am sooooooo impressed with the Jeffree Star Lip Ammunition Lipsticks. I always reach for them when I want a quick pop of colour and don't have forever to line the lips properly. Depending on the day, I prefer these over Matte Liquid Lipstick's because they dont end up as uncomfortable and dry. They JS Lip Ammunition Lipsticks are always on my vanity and I actually use them all the time.

Lets get into the Shades &Swatches babesssss

Ice Cream BLV

Ice Cream BLV is a Light Baby Pink Shade

Ex Supermodel

Ex Supermodel is a Baby Pink Shade

Jeffree's Girl

Jeffree's Girl is a Hot Pink Shade


Starfish is a Medium Baby Pink Shade

Beauty Pagent

Beauty Pagent is a Light Baby Pink Glittery Shade

Baby Spice

Baby Spice is a Baby Pink Shade


Gargoyle is a Medium Gray Shade

Champagne Tears

Champagne Tears is a Glittery Pale Nude Shade

Champagne Tears over Diamond (JS)

Champagne Tears Over Medusa

Swatch Comparisons

Lip Swatch Gallery

What do you think about the Jeffree Star Lip Ammunition Lipsticks? Do you have any or do you want to try any? Let me know in the comments below babes


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