Huda Matte Liquid Lipstick Review + Swatches- 25 Shades

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Huda Beauty has a range of Matte Liquid Lipstick’s and today I am going to be talking about and swatching 28 shades!!





Huda Beauty Matte Liquid Lipstick Description/Review


The Huda Beauty Liquid Lipsticks are Matte liquid lipsticks that come in  multiple shades. Each shade contains 5 mL (0.169 ounces) of product, has a shelf lifeof 12 months and is made in Italy.

First up, the packaging is absolutely stunning. As you can see in the pictures above and below , the liquid lipstick comes in a slip, that has a picture of lips on it that match the colour to the lipstick. The tube is a tall one, and the applicator is doe-food, and works perfectly with the formula. You can precisely fill in the lips and don’t need liner.


The formula of the lipstick’s is extremely thick. It can kind of feel oily, and it takes longer than normal for it to dry to fully matte. This is just because of how thick and wet the formula is. Eventually, they do dry down to a fully matte finish. They have full pigmentation, are not streaky and don’t settle into fine lines on the lips. They do have a pretty strong vanilla like spell which not everyone will like. Personally I dont love lip products to have strong scents, but it’s something I  can look past. The scent does dissipate over time, so it’s not too much of an issue for me.

All in all, I really like the Huda Liquid Mattes. The shade range is so large and there are so many colors to pick from. I like the formula and how product doesn’t sink into my lips,. I’m not a fan of how long it takes to dry down and I really don’t like the scent, but I still love them.

The Huda Beauty Liquid Matte’s cost $26.29 AUD – 20.00 USD each and can be purchased from multiple stores, which I will link at the end.

Now let’s get into the shades and swatches babes!!!!!!!




Shades + Swatches

 I am going to swatching the 25 shades in the range on both the lips and arms.




Girlfriend is a Matte Brown Nude Shade

Girlfriend Swatches


Crush is a Matte Peachy Nude Shade

Crush Swatches

Sugar Mama

Sugar Mama is a Matte Orange Nude Shade

Sugar Mama Swatches

Bikini Babe

Bikini Babe is a Matte Orange Nude Shade

Bikini Babe Swatches


Jetsetter is a Matte Light Coral Pink Shade

Jetsetter Swatches

Gossip Gurl

Gossip Gurl is a Matte Bright Pink Shade

Gossip Gurl Swatches

Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife is a Muted Pink Shade

Trophy Wife Swatches

Video Star

Video Star is a Matte Hot Pink Shade

Video Star Swatches

Wild Child

Wild Child is a Matte Orange Coral Shade

Wild Child Swatches


Mamacita is a Matte Orange Red Shade

Mamacita Swatches


Famous is a Matte Deep Purple Shade.

Famous Swatches

Material Girl

Material Girl is a Matte Deep Purple Shade

Material Girl Swatches


Cheerleader is a Matte Bright Red Shade

Cheerleader Swatches


Heartbreaker is a Matte Deep Red Shade

Heartbreaker Swatches


Medusa is a Matte Brown Grey Shade

Medusa Swatches


Muse is a Matte Purple Brown Shade

Muse Swatches


Icon is a Matte Orange Red Shade

Icon Swatches


Bombshell is a Matte Light Brown Nude Shade

Bombshell Swatches


Trendsetter is a Matte Brown Nude Shade

Trendsetter Swatches


Venus is a Matte Brown Nude Shade

Venus Swatches


Flirt is a Matte Light Brown Shade

Flirt Swatches

Spice Girl

Spice Girl is a Matte Brown Purple Shade

Spice Girl Swatches


Vixen is a Matte Red Brown Shade

Vixen Swatches

Silver Fox

Silver Fox is a Matte True Grey Shade

Silver Fox Swatches


Socialite is a Metallic Red Shade

Socialite Swatches

Swatch Comparisons







What do you think of the Huda Beauty Liquid Lipsticks?? What is your favourite shade/s??? Let me know in the comments below babes!

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