Huda Beauty Summer Solstice Highlighting Palette Review + Swatches

Heyyyy Beautiesssss

Huda Beauty recently released a new Highlighting Palette and today, I am going to be talking about and swatching it!!!\

Huda Beauty Summer Solstice Highlighting Palette Description/Review

The Huda Beauty Summer Solstice Palette is a limited edition highlighting palette that Huda released for the Summer of 2017.  Just like Huda’s other two highlighting palettes, the palette contains 1 cream highlighter shade and 3 powder highlighting shades. The Cream Shade contains 5.9 grams (0.21 ounces) of product and the 3 Powder Shades contain 7.9 grams (0.28 ounces) of product, giving the palette a total of 29.6 grams (1.05 ounces) of product. The palette is made in Italy and has a shelf life of 18 months.

The formula is the same as in the other highlighting palettes, which is really good. The Cream highlighter has the same consistency as all cream highlighters and is extremely pigmented. It blends beautifully into the skin and leaves a nice, subtle glow that can be built up and worn alone alone or used as a base to make another shade look more poppin. The Powder highlighters are have a thick powder consistency and are also extremely pigmented. There is barely any fall-out and each shade gives a bright glow.

I think the colour scheme in the palette is absolutely STUNNING. The purple shade is such a beautiful colour that looks nice on the skin, and the pink shade compliments it so well. All in all, I am absolutely so happy with the Summer Solstice Palette! As soon as I seen it I knew I HAD to have it and I am so glad I got it, it is just a beautiful, unique, high quality palette!

The Huda Beauty Summer Solstice Highlighting Palette costs $56.92 AUD – $45.00 USD – and can be purchased from Huda Beauty Online and Cult Beauty

Now let’s go over the shades and swatches babes!!!!!

Shades + Swatches

I am going to swatch the 4 shades in the palette

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Shade 1– Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez is a Shimmery Yellow Gold Shade (this is the only cream shade in the palette, the rest are powder)

Saint Tropez Swatch

Shade 2– Malibu

Malibu is a Shimmery Gold Shade

Malibu Swatch

Shade 3– Copacabana 

Copacabana  is a Shimmery Baby Pink Shade

Copacabana Swatch

Shade 4– Mykonos

Mykonos is a Shimmery Purple Shade

Mykonos Swatch

Swatch Comparisons

What do you think of the Huda Beauty Summer Solstice Highlighting Palette?? What is you’re favourite shade?? Let me know in the comments below babes!!!

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Where To Buy Huda Beauty Summer Solstice Highlighting Palette???

Huda Beauty Online- Shop Huda Beauty Online Site Link

Cult Beauty- Cult Beauty Online Site Link

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