Fenty Beauty Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in Starstruck Review, Swatches + Face Pictures

Fenty Beauty have a line of Shimmer Sticks and today, I am going to be talking about, swatching and showing you face pictures of the Starstruck Shimmer Stick!!!

Starstruck is a Shimmery Champagne Gold Shade

Starstruck Swatches


The Fenty Beauty Shimmer Stick in Starstruck is a luminous highlighter in stick form. The consistency of the highlighter is extremely soft, light, thin and slightly creamy. The texture is so different than any other highlighting stick I have tried, and it feels very dry and has no wetness or stickiness to it.

The finish is described as cream to powder and you can certainly notice this because the consistency is so dry and has no wet or damp feel to it. However, I would class the formula as more of a cream and certainly NOT a powder, but it is an extremely thin and dry cream that doesn't have the consistency you typically think of when you hear the word creamy in relation to highlighting sticks.

Starstruck has high pigmentation and a high glow/shine intensity , and it is certainly more of a bright, intense highlighter and not a sheer one. The ratio of glitter to pigment is even, meaning there is a perfect mix of colour pay-off to shimmer/glitter pay-off and unlike some of the highlighters in the Fenty range (like Trophy Wife), it doesn't have crazy levels of glitter that far exceed the pigmentation. It is also a glitter/shimmer that is built into the actual formula, meaning you will obviously not get any visible glitter fall-out (again, this is in contrast to Trophy Wife, which has tones of visible glitter).

You can wear the Starlight shimmer stick pretty much everywhere on the face and body, making it an extremely versatile product. You can obviously apply it to the cheek area as a highlighter, but it also works extremely well on the eye area as an eyeshadow and as a lip topper, aswell as a body highlighter and probably a million other things.

In terms of application, I did notice a few things. Firstly, you need to be in good lighting when you are applying it, and you will see different results in different lighting and mirrors. When I was first using it, I noticed that it wasn't coming up in the slightly dark, dull lighting I was applying it in. However, when I looked at my face in good, bright lighting, I noticed that I had actually put way too much on, and I had WAY too much product on my face. It was an absolute mess and ever since then I have made sure to apply this under bright lighting.

There are multiple methods and ways you can apply the highlighter. Firstly, you can swipe and/or dab the product directly onto the face, cheek or eye area using the actual stick, which is my preferred method because of how simple and easy it is. \

This method will not be an option for makeup artists who need to follow proper hygiene practices, and applying stick products directly to the face is considered by some as unhygienic. This is because the top of the product can hold onto things that were on the face from the previous application, but for the general consumer, I do not find a problem with applying it directly using the stick itself. What I do in order to try and keep the top layer of the product nice and relatively clean is to make sure that I swatch it on my hand/arm after I have applied it, which strips off the top layer that has just been directly on the face. Using a makeup wipe or something similar to wipe it over is also an option.

The second way you can apply Starlight is by using a makeup brush like a flat top or buffer brush. Here, you would dip into the stick and coat the brush, and then you would apply it directly to the face/eye area and build it up using the brush. Another option is to apply the product to the fingers, and then dab it wherever you want.

While all methods produce the same/similar results, applying the product straight to the face using the stick is going to give you a more pigmented finish more quickly, whereas you will have to keep going in and building it up using a brush, which will take longer. Using the fingers to apply the product is also a more quick option than using a brush, but ultimately, all methods of application will give you a high colour pay-off, the only thing that varies is the amount of time it takes to build it up.

There are also TWO ways (what I mean by ways is method) , to apply the Starlight highlighting stick -using swipping motions and dabbing/patting motions. When you swipe a product on, you are running it down ,up or across the face in one, slick move. When you dab/pat product on, you are buffing the product into the skin in little jumpy motions. Both of these methods work extremely well with the Starlight shimmer stick, but they do produce slightly different results.

If you swipe the product on the face, you get a extremely pigmented result pretty much straight away. If you dab/pat the product on, you gradually build the pigment up bit by bit. I usually use a combination of these two methods, first swiping things on to build that initial layer up, and then going back in using dabbing motions to add intensity and to blend the product out a bit.

In regards to using a brush/the fingers to further blend the product out on the face, you have two options. You can leave it as it is because when the product applies, it applies pigmented but sheer enough that it already looks blended out. If you want to diffuse the product more into the skin,  you can pick up a buffer brush and work/blend the product in more so it's not as noticeable. It will just depend on how much colour pay-off you get on application, and sometimes you will get a harsh line and you may need to blend things out a bit more and sometimes you won't.

The packaging of the shimmer stick's twisty tubes is absolutely amazing. They feel so so sturdy - the actual packaging and the stick of product both feel extremely strong. You get NO resistance or tugging when you apply it to the face, it just glides onto the skin without fight and feeling like it's going to break, which is a MASSIVE problem with highlighting sticks as most brands make them so so thin that they are very flimsy and break when faced with just the tiniest bit of resistance.

This is how you do any type of cream stick, you make it strong so it doesn't feel like it will snap, and I give massive props to Fenty for this! In terms of functionality and appearance, the sticks are magnetic so can be connected with other sticks, and they are extremely visually appealing and feature beautiful nude packaging with halographic, reflective writing.

I am extremely happy with the Starlight Shimmer Stick by Fenty Beauty!! It has a beautiful, light, non-messy formula and applies extremely easy to the face. It can be used for so many things, and I love it so much as a highlighter, as an eyeshadow and as a lip topper. It is the perfect tone and shade for me and my pale skin, and while it is certainly pigmented and very opaque, it is such a soft subtle, white/yellow shade that is extremely flattering. The packaging is extremely sturdy and the consistency of the product is not weak, meaning the sticks can handle the resistance you get when you apply it directly to the face.

All in all, I LOVE this shimmer stick by Fenty Beauty and am keen to try more shades in the Shimmer Stick range!!

What do you think of the Fenty Beauty Shimmer Stick in Starstruck?? Let me know in the comments below babes!!!

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