Concealer Review Part 2- Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer Full Analysis

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Today I am going to be talking about the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer.  As always, I am going to go over main sections including Applicator Quality, Coverage/Consistency, Available Shades, Lasting Power/Wear (with wear test), Chemical formula analysis, Marketing vs Chemical Analysis and Overall review. I will then provide a ranking list of concealers I have reviewed so far along with where to buy links!

Applicator Quality 

The applicator of the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer is very good. It is a beautiful doe-foot applicator that is so soft and makes application so easy.

The formula spreads on the skin so good and the applicator picks up and deposits enough product so you can precisely place it on your face.

I absolutely loveeeee the applicator in the Urban Decay Naked Concealer, it’s amazing and very high quality.

Light Warm Swatch


The Consistency of the concealer is creamy. It isn’t too thin or too thick, it’s just perfect. It is so easy to blend out, is really light on the skin and feels comfortable on. You can see the creamy consistency of the formula in the swatch above ^

The Coverage of the concealer is medium-buildable full. The coverage is very buildable and you can certainly build it up to full. When you wear it over a good foundation (I chose Ella Bache today), the coverage comes out soooo good. I am a full coverage girl through and through so I absolutely love the coverage of this concealer. I am a very tough critic when it comes to foundation and concealer so the fact that I love this concealer and the coverage speaks volumes to me.

Available Shades

11 Shades

The Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealers come in 11 shades. There is a few light colors and not enough dark colors. In saying this, there also isn’t a variety of light shades either. Sometimes it’s easier to choose a shade with a small shade range, but I think the range could be a little bit better and more diverse to suit everyone seeing as Urban Decay is a very popular brand worldwide. They might eventually release more shades hopefully.

Lasting Power/Wear

In order to test the wear and lasting power of the concealer, I checked my face in the mirror and recorded what I saw in in two hour intervals 4 times throughout the day, totaling 8 hours of wear.

Lasting Power/Wear Test

Time I Applied the Concealer- 12.00 PM

Thoughts Upon Application- I love the doe foot applicator and it offers such precise application. It blends out really good and has a nice consistency. It has given me a nice full coverage finish.

First Check Up- 2.00 PM–  two hours later– After two hours, the concealer is still fully on. There is no creasing or settling into fine lines. I love how good it has stayed on and the coverage is still really good and high. It hasn’t worn off at all.

Second Check Up- 4.00 PM- four hours later– After four hours, the concealer is still fully on and its still high coverage. There is no creasing or settling into fine lines. It has stayed pretty much perfect.

Third Check Up- 6.00 PMsix hours later– After six hours, the concealer has stayed absolutely amazing. It is still providing high coverage and is still fully on. There is no crazy creasing or settling at all except a tiny bit under the eye. It looks the same as the last check up and as I said looks amazing. I’m super happy with the lasting power and wear of this concealer.

Fourth Check Up– 8.00 PMeight hours later– After eight hours, the concealer is still fully on and has high coverage. There is a tiny bit of settling under the eye but hardly any. The coverage has stayed pretty much the same all day and I didn’t add setting powder or anything so I am really happy with it. 8 hours later, this concealer still looks really good and has hardly worn off at all.

Lasting Power/Wear Conclusion

The Urban Decay Naked Concealer passed my 8 hour wear test by a mile. The Concealer last’s all day, has a long lasting power,  wears good, doesn’t crease much or settle and is an overall high quality product.The lasting power and wear of the Urban Decay  Naked Concealer is reallllly good and I am very happy with it. FOR SURE PASSSSSS 

Urban Decay Naked Concealer Chemical (Formula) Analysis 

The Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer Formula is ranked by the Cosmetic Analysis Database as having a ‘Recommended/Good’ chemical formula. The Cosmetic Analysis Database analyses all individual chemicals in the formula and then ranks them in terms of safety and functioning into 5 categories; Should be Avoided, Not Recommended, Average, Recommended and Particually Recommended.

The ‘Recommended/ Good’ formula ranking of the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer is a result of the formula containing NO ‘To be Avoided’ chemicals, low numbers of ‘Not Recommended’ chemicals , high numbers of ‘Average’ chemicals and  high numbers of ‘Recommended’ chemicals. Specifically, the formula contains 22 Recommended chemicals, 8 Average chemicals, 2 Not Recommended chemicals and NO To be Avoided chemicals. Most of the chemicals in the formula are recommended and average chemicals, meaning the majority of ingredients are high quality and are recommended by the Cosmetic Analysis database for use.

In regards to not recommended chemicals, there is only two, which is really low for a cosmetic product. These ‘not recommended’ chemicals include PEG/PPG-18/18 Dimethicone and Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone which each act as Emulsifiers in the formula (chemicals that facilitate the bonding/mixing of unlike chemicals that wouldn’t otherwise be able to combine). I am going to describe these chemicals and their adverse effects.

PEG/PPG-18/18 Dimethicone is an emulsifier in the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer formula which has 3 bad characteristics including making the skin porous and allowing the absorption of hazardous materials, being able to irritate the skin and being irrelevant to the environment. It has 1 average characteristic which is its ability to promote the mixing of unlike liquids by altering the interfacial tension. Based on these characteristics, this chemical is ranked as a bad chemical to use.

Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone is an emulsifier and cleanser used in the Urban Decay Naked Concealer formula that has 3 Bad characteristics including making the skin porous and allowing the absorption of hazardous chemicals, irritating the skin and being irrelevant to the environment. It has 1 Average characteristic which is its ability to promote the formation and mixing of unlike liquids by altering the interracial tension. It also has 1 Good characteristic which is its ability to cleanse the body surface. Based on its characteristics, this chemical is ranked as a bad chemical to use.

Again, while these two chemicals are ranked as bad, the rest of the 30 chemicals in the formula are good chemicals to use. Overall, the chemical formula of the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer is really good. It has very high quality ingredients and returns a good ranking on the Cosmetic Analysis database, which takes all ingredients in the formula into consideration. Not only am I happy with the product and it’s physical benefits, I am extremely happy with the chemical formula and the ingredients used. I can say for a fact that this is a good formula, chemically speaking.

LA Girl HD Concealer Formula Vs Urban Decay Naked Concealer Formula

When you compare the Urban Decay Naked Concealer formula to the LA Girl Concealer formula (my last concealer review post, link at end), you can see how the Urban Decay concealer has a much safer, better formula with better ingredients. This is obviously due to the difference in cost- the Urban Decay Concealer cost $46.00 AUD each for 5 ml (0.16 oz) of product and the LA Girl Concealers cost $11.00 AUD each for 8 g (0.28 oz) of product.

This means that in this case, quality increases with cost. Here is a breakdown of the chemical differences between the LA Girl Concealer and the Urban Decay Concealer

LA Girl Concealer is ranked by the Cosmetic Analysis Database as an ‘Average’ formula. As I said in my full post on this concealer, the formula JUST bumped up to an average formula when one of the chemicals come back as Average instead of bad. Before this, it was classed as a ‘Bad Formula’-  meaning it JUST got to the ‘Average’ category by one chemical and is one chemical away from being classed as a Bad formula. In contrast, the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer is ranked by the Cosmetic Analysis Database as a ‘Good’ chemical formula.

The LA Girl HD Concealer has five ‘To be Avoided’ chemicals (parabens) whereas Urban Decay Naked Concealer has NO  ‘To be Avoided’ chemicals. The LA Girl Concealer has 3 ‘Not Recommended’ chemicals whereas the Urban Decay Concealer has 2 ‘Not Recommended Chemicals’. The LA Girl Concealers have 4 ‘Average’ chemicals and the Urban Decay Concealer has 7 ‘Average’ chemicals. Finally, the LA Girl Concealer has 13 ‘Recommended’ chemicals whereas the Urban Decay Concealer has 21 ‘Recommended’ chemicals.

The Urban Decay Concealer has a higher quality formula than the LA Girl Concealer with better, safer ingredients used. This means that even though you are paying $35.00 AUD more for the Urban Decay Concealers you are certainly getting a better quality product. As I said above, sometimes quality doesn’t correlate with cost and cheap products are better than some dear ones, but that is certainly not true in this case. If your looking for a higher quality concealer with a good formula, your better of getting the Urban Decay one. It is more expensive but it’s worth it when you take into consideration that the Urban Decay Concealer has beneficial ingredients that are good to the skin whereas the LA Girl Concealer has  lower quality ingredients that are harsh on the skin.

Marketing vs Chemical and Physical Analysis

Is This Product Marketed Properly?

In order to assess if the product is marketed properly, I analysed the marketing strategy and then wrote down questions of what I wanted to investigate deeper to accurately assess marketing. Most of these questions involved chemicals that Urban Decay marketed in the description of the product as providing benefits. In order to analyse this, I went through the chemical formula to see if the chemicals mentioned were present and then I started doing more research on the use of these chemicals to see if what I found matched up to Urban Decay’s marketing.

Urban Decay markets this concealer as…  “We loaded Naked Skin Concealer with lots of ingredients that are good for your skin. Matrixyl 3000 contains anti-wrinkle peptides to improve skin’s youthful appearance and elasticity. Japanese green tea revitalizes and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines. Litchiderm™ (derived from lychee fruit) protects against dehydration, resulting in a brighter, more radiant complexion and Sodium Hyaluronate helps skin attract and retain moisture”..

After reading this, I set out to investigate these claims regarding the 4 chemicals mentioned by making up and answering the following questions;

Is Matrixyl in the formula and what is it’s chemical name? Does Matrixyl 3000 contain anti-wrinkle peptides to improve skin’s youthful appearance and elasticity?

In the formula of the Naked Skin Concealer by Urban Decay, the chemical Matrixyl 3000 is called ‘Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3’, which is its proper chemical name.

Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3 (Matrixyl 3000) is a peptide antioxidant and UV filter that protects the skin against free radicals, protects against premature aging, helps avoid oxidation and rancidity and filters certain UV rays to protect the skin.  Urban Decay says that this chemical can have anti-aging effects which improve the skins youthful appearance as well as improving elasticity. This claim is true because Palmitoyl Tetra-Peptide-3 does have anti-aging effects that contribute to elasticity. Thus, Urban Decay have marketed this chemical correctly when bringing it up in the description.

Is Sodium Hyaluronate in the formula? Is it deeply hydrating? Does it attract and retain moisture?

Sodium Hyaluronate is in the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer formula. Sodium Hyaluronate is a skin conditioning/moisturizing chemical that has the ability to have a skin tightening effect and has a great ability to hold and retain moisture. This means that Urban Decay have properly marketed the benefits of Sodium Hyaluronate in the product because it does have a great ability to attract and retain moisture.

What does Litchiderm do in the formula? What’s it’s chemical name? Does it prevent dehydration resulting in a brighter appearance?

Litchiderm is in the formula as ‘Litchi Chinensis Pericarp Extract’, which is it’s full chemical name.  Litchiderm  is a skin protecting chemical that helps avoid harmful effects to the skin by external factors. This means that Urban Decay has properly marketed the product when mentioning Litchiderm because it does have skin protecting abilities which include preventing dehydration. It would be hard to say if it gives a brighter appearance, but it does protect against dehydration which may contribute to a brighter appearance.

Is Japanese Green Tea in the formula and what is its chemical name? Does it help reduce appearance of fine lines and revitalize the skin?

Japanese Green Tea is in the formula as  ‘Camelia Oleifera Extract’, which is it’s full chemical name. Japanese Green Tea is an astringent and tonic chemical that can produce a feeling of well being on the skin. In regards to revitalizing the skin, Urban Decay has marketed this correctly because it does produce a general feeling of well being on the skin making the skin feel revitalized. In regards to the ‘reducing of fine line’ claim by Urban Decay, Japanese Green Tea  is an astringent chemical meaning it has skin tightening effects, meaning marketing of this chemical by Urban Decay is correct.

All in all, Urban Decay have marketed the product correctly. Of course there is always going to be over exaggeration by brands in terms of marketing but this is all good as long as what they are saying holds some relevance. This is why I compare marketing to the chemical ingredient list so that I can see what is simply a marketing strategy and what is a possible skin benefit. All the chemicals Urban Decay mentions in their marketing – Matrixyl 3000, Sodium Hyaluronate, Litchiderm and Japanese Green Tea– provide the benefits Urban Decay states they do. Again, marketing is always over exaggerated but everything they have said is relevant and the marketing strategy correlates with the chemical formula and ingredients used.

Overall Review of Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer

The Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer are a beautiful, high quality, long lasting concealer. The applicator is a nice doe foot applicator that makes it so easy to apply product precisely to your face. The consistency of the concealer is creamy and really light and the coverage is medium to buildable full. You can get a higher coverage by applying more layers but one layers does the trick and provides a beautiful, full coverage over foundation.

The shade range comes with 11 shades, which I think could be more diverse. The lasting power and wear of the concealer is really good and it passed by 8 hour wear test with flying colors. It hardly creased and stayed put all day.

The chemical formula and ingredients in the concealer are very high quality, returning a ‘Recommended/Good’ formula ranking by the Cosmetic Analysis database. While this concealer is a higher end product that does cost a bit more, the price you are paying is for quality and a good formula. This means that while it is more expensive to buy, you will be getting a healthier, better quality product for your skin than a cheaper concealer with a lower quality formula can do, for example, the LA Girl Concealer.  The Marketing of the Concealer by Urban Decay accurately matches up to the chemical formula , all marketing claims are correct.

Overall, the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealers are a really high quality, full coverage concealers and I absolutely love them !!!  Not only am i impressed with it’s physical benefits such as lasting power and coverage, I am happy with the chemical formula also.

The Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealers cost $46.00 AUD  ($34.79 USD) and comes with 5 ml (0.16 ounces) of product

My Concealer Review Ranking List So Far

1• Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer

2•  LA Girl HD Pro Concealers

As I said in the Chemical Formula Discussion section, I like the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer way better because it has a better, safer formula with way higher quality ingredients used. The physical aspects of the Urban Decay Concealer are also better than LA Girl HD Pro Concealer, having longer lasting power , better wear and higher coverage.

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Mecca AU- Mecca AU Official Link

Urban Decay USA- Urban Decay (USA) Official Link

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