ColourPop X Karrueche Fem Rosa Collection Part 2- Pressed Powder ‘Her’ Face Palette Review + Swatche

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ColourPop recently collaborated with Karrueche to create a limited edition collection and in this part, I am going to be talking about and swatching the Her Pressed Powder Face Palette.

I finished Part 1 which is the ColourPop X Karrueche Eyeshadow Palette and I will link it below!

ColourPop X Karrueche Collection Her Pressed Powder Face Palette Description/Review

📷The ColourPop X Karrueche Her Palette is a limited edition pressed powder face/cheek palette that contains 3 products- a highlighter, a blush and a bronzer. The highlighter, blush and bronzer all contain 3.0 grams (0.11 ounces) of product each, giving the palette a total of 9 grams (0.33 ounces) of product. The palette has a shelf life of 12 months and is made in the USA.

The formula is really really good. It is the same quality as the powder eyeshadows, which is amazing. The highlighter is so pigmented and shimmery, as are the blush and bronzers which are matte. In terms of performance this palette is absolutely amazing, the ColourPop powder formula’s are soo good always.


The colour scheme is really good and I will get SO MUCH use out of each shade. The bronzer, blush and highlighter are perfect for my pale skin, but I know that Karrueche would of made sure that the shades will also suit POC, so in that way it’s sooo versatile in that people with all different skin tones can get good use out of it.

All in all, I absolutely love the Her Face Palette and as I said I will get so much use out of it. It is something I could use everyday without having to reach for any other product.

The ColourPop X Karrueche Her Palette costs $18.88 AUD – $15.00 USD – and can be purchased from ColourPop Online

Now let’s get onto the shades and swatches babes!!!!!!!

Shades + Swatches

I am going to swatch the 3 shades in the palette

Shade 1- Lassie Highlighter

Lassie is a Pearlised Shimmery True Gold Highlighter Shade

Lassie Swatch

Shade 2- Mistress Blush

Mistress is a Matte Rosy Pink Blush Shade

Mistress Swatch

Shade 3- Dame Bronzer

Dame is a Matte Neutral Brown Bronzer Shade

Dame Swatch

Her Face Palette Swatch Comparisons

What do you think of the ColourPop X Karrueche Her Face Powder Palette?? Let me know in the comments below babes!!!!

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Where To Buy ColourPop X Karrueche Collection???

ColourPop Online- ColourPop Cosmetics Online Site Link

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