Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts Palette Arm Swatches + Description

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 Coloured Raine recently released an eyeshadow palette called the ‘Queen of Hearts’ Palette and today, I am going to be talking about it. I am going to describe and review the palette and then go onto the swatches and shades.

Queen of Hearts Palette Description/Review

The Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts Palette is a limited edition palette that contains 12 shades- 6 shades are matte and 6 shades are shimmer metals. The matte and shimmer shades have slightly different formulas, but contain 6 of the same ingredients, so they are kind of similar in that way. Each shade in the palette contains 1.5 grams (0.05 ounces) of product, giving the palette a total of 17.5 grams (0.62 ounces). The palette is made in the USA.

In regards to the quality of the formula, it certainly isn’t bad but doesn’t contain many beneficial ingredients. This is because Eyeshadow formula’s are not as packed full of beneficial and skin conditioning/moisturizing ingredients like face, lip and skin products are. This is obviously because eyeshadow does only go onto a tiny part of the face and the formula just doesn’t have to contain that many beneficial ingredients. In saying this, there are also no extremely bad or even slightly bad chemicals in the formula either, it’s just average in every way.  So, there isn’t much worth talking about with the formula in terms of a chemical analysis but there are some physical aspects of the formula I want to talk about.

The Mattes, with the exception of one, are really pigmented and easy to apply. They have a soft and buttery formula and are easy to spread.

The worst matte shade (and worst shade in the entire palette) is  Ladyship. It is the only non vegan shade out of the whole palette (out of 12 shadows) and contains Carmine. This means that 11 out of 12 shades in this palette are vegan. I am not sure if Carmine directly contributes to the dry, patchy and hard to spread texture of Ladyship and it could be something else, or could be a result of a chemical being present in higher concentrations, etc. It’s hard to pin point the exact ingredient that makes Ladyship so dry and patchy but Carmine does distinguish it from the rest. The Queen of Hearts Palette is not tested on animals but as I said is not completely vegan as it contains Carmine.

I love the formula of the shimmer and metals. They are so pigmented, glide on so easily and are buttery and soft. The colors are so unique and beautiful.

All in all, I think this palette is beautiful. The shimmer and metallic shades are so beautiful. and most of the mattes are nice and buttery. The mixture of mattes and shimmers makes this palette so versatile because so many different looks can be created. There are a variety of shades for every purpose- lid, crease, transition, shimmers- which means you could use this palette alone everyday and get a different result.

You can get the Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts Palette on Coloured Raine’s Site for $69.07 AUD ($50.00 USD). At the moment I am pretty sure it’s limited edition but I have a feeling they may make it permanent but I could be wrong so if you want it, get it while it’s available babes (link at bottom).

Nowwww, let’s get into the shades and swatches in the palette babes!!!

Queen of Hearts Palette Shades + Swatches

Row 1 First Three Shades

Shade 1- Crown

Shimmery Metallic Pure White Shade. Coloured Raine describes this shade as a ‘Pearlescent White with Gold Undertones’. Crown is a nice lid shade.

Shade 2- Royal Highness

Shimmery Grey Brown Shade. Coloured Raine describes Royal Highness as a ‘Metallic Purple Toned Taupe’.  Royal Highness is a pretty lid shade.

Shade 3- Your Majesty

Shimmery Metallic Gold Shade. Coloured Raine describes Your Majesty as a ‘Rich Metallic Copper with Gold Effects’. Your Majesty is a beautiful lid shade.

Row 1 Last Three Shades

Shade 4- Princess

Matte Pink Peach Shade with Brown Tinges. Coloured Raine describes Princess as a ‘blushed pink’. Princess is a nice crease/transition shade as well as a nice lid shade.

Shade 5- Empress

Matte Orange Shade. Coloured Raine describes Empress as a ‘Vibrant Orange’.  Empress is a nice crease/transition shade, and can also be used on the lid.

Shade 6- Queen Mother

Shimmery Dark Purple Shade. Coloured Raine describes Queen Mother as a ‘Metallic Plum with Lavender Hues’.  Queen Mother is a beautiful shade and is one of my favorite colors in the palette . It has  a bold metallic texture and is a beautiful shade for the lid.

Row 1 Swatches

Row 2 First Three Shades 

Shade 7- Heir

Matte Peach Shade. Coloured Raine describes Heir as a ‘Peach’ shade. Heir is a nice transition shade and can also be used as a lid shade.

Shade 8- Royal Prerogative

Matte Red Brown Shade. Coloured Raine describes Royal Prerogative as ‘Terracotta’ shade. Royal Prerogative is a nice crease shade and can also be used on the lid.

Shade 9-Noblewoman

Shimmery Metallic Pink Red Shade. Coloured Raine describes Noblewoman as a ‘Metallic Burgundy with Purple Undertones’. Noblewoman is a nice lid shade.

Row 2 Last 3 Shades

Shade 10- Ladyship

Matte Purple Shade. Coloured Raine describes Ladyship as a ‘Vivid Purple’.  Ladyship is the worst matte out of the palette and is dry, patchy and hard to spread.

Shade 11-Duchess

Matte Dark Brown Shade. Coloured Raine describes Duchess as a ‘Milk Chocolate Brown’. Duchess is a beautiful lid and crease shade.

Shade 12- Dethrone

Shimmery Dark Brown Shade. Coloured Raine describes Dethrone as a ‘Sparkling Espresso with Gold Reflects’. Dethrone is another beautiful lid shade.

Row 2 Swatches

Row Swatch Comparisons

More Pictures of the Queen of Hearts Palette

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Where To Buy Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts Palette??

The only place you can purchase the Queen of Hearts Palette so far is on the Coloured Raine Online Site.

Coloured Raine- Coloured Raine Online Site Link

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