Coastal Scents Individual Hot Pot Shadows Review + Swatches Part 3 (x 28 shades)

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Coastal Scents have a massive range of individual powder shadows called ‘Hot Pot’s’ and today, I am going to be talking about them and swatching 28 more of the shades in the range

CoastalShadow Hot Pot Description/Review

The Coastal Scents Hot Pots are individual shadows that come in a variety of different finishes, including matte, satin and shimmery. Each Hot Pot Individual Shadow comes with 1.5 grams (0.05 ounces) of product The quality of the shadows is high and they are very pigmented. They apply smoothly and there is hardly any fall out at all.  I really like the quality of the shadows and they are so smooth , pigmented and nice to work with.

The Coastal Scents Hot Pot’s come in so many different colors and the shade range is massive.There is certainly a shade for everyone and you will find any shade you could think of. All in all, I absolutely LOVE the Coastal Scents Hot Pot Individual Shadows and I plan on getting every single shade!

The Coastal Scents Hot Pot Shadows cost $2.64 AUD ($1.95 USD) each, which is a really good price for the high quality of the shadows. They can be purchased from Coastal Scents Online (link at end)

I am now going to swatch 28 more of the shades in the range

Coastal Scents Shadow Hot Pot’s Part 3

Let’s get into the 28 shades!!!

Row 1 Coastal Scents Shadows

Row 1 First 4 Shades

Shade 1– Peach Puff

Peach Puff is a Matte Light Peach Shade

Shade 2– Reef Coral

Reef Coral is a Satin Light Peach Shade

Shade 3– Dreamsicle

Dreamsicle is a Shimmery Light Peach Shade

Shade 4– Georgia Peach

Georgia Peach is a Shimmery Coral Peach Shade

Row 1, Last 3 Shades

Shade 5- Atomic Apricot

Atomic Apricot is a Shimmery Yellow Gold Shade

Shade 6– Fire Glow

Fire Glow is a Shimmery Orange Shade

Shade 7– Island Coral

Island Coral is a Satin Pink Coral Shade

Row 2 Coastal Scents Shadows

Row 2, First 4 Shades

Shade 8– Watermelon

Watermelon is a Shimmery Red Shade

Shade 9– Petal Peach

Petal Peach is a Matte Brown Peach Shade

Shade 10– Peachy Pink

Peachy Pink is a Satin Orange Pink Shade

Shade 11– Dark Salmon

Dark Salmon is a Satin Orange Pink Shade

Row 2, Last 3 Shades

Shade 12– Deep Cantaloupe

Deep Cantaloupe is a Shimmery Yellow Gold Shade

Shade 13- Bright Copper

Bright Copper is a Shimmery Metallic Copper Shade

Shade 14– Neon Red

Neon Red is a Matte Red Shade

Row 3 Coastal Scents Shadows

First 4 Shades

Shade 15– Tulip Pink

Tulip Pink is a Satin Pink Shade

Shade 16– Neon Bright Pink

Neon Bright Pink is a Matte Pink Shade

Shade 17– Panama Rose

Panama Rose is a Shimmery Muted Purple Shade

Shade 18– Orchid 

Orchid is a Satin Light Purple Shade

Last 3 Shades

Shade 19– Vibrant Plum

Vibrant Plum is a Matte Pinky Purple Shade

Shade 20– Tyrian Purple

Tyrian Purple is a Shimmery Muted Purple Shade

Shade 21– Lavender Lace

Lavender Lace is a Satin Light Purple Shade

Row 4 Coastal Scents Shadows

First 4 Shades

Shade 22– Scorched Red

Scorched Red is a Satin Burnt Red Shade

Shade 23– Hot Tamale

Hot Tamale is a Matte Deep Red Shade

Shade 23- Victorian Ruby

Victorian Ruby is a Shimmery Ruby Red Shade

Shade 25– Bahama Mama 

Bahama Mama is a Shimmery Burnt Yellow Shade

Last 3 Shades

Shade 26– Platinum Blue 

Platinum Blue is a Shimmery Silver Blue Shade

Shade 27– Eleven Midnight

Eleven Midnight is a Shimmery Silver Shade

Shade 28- Rainstorm

Rainstorm is a Shimmery Deep Blue Shade

Swatch Comparisons

Hope you liked this post babes, let me know what shades you like in the comments below!!

Where To Buy Coastal Scents Hot Pot Shadows?

Coastal Scents Online- Coastal Scents Online Site Link

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