Coastal Scents Hot Pot Shadows Part 2 (28 shades)- Swatches + Review

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Coastal Scents have a range of single eyeshadow pans called ‘Hot Pot’s’ and today, I am going to be going over 28 shades in the range.

This is part 2 of my Coastal Scents Hot Pot Shadow posts and I will link my first one at the end of the post.

Coastal Scents Hot Pot Individual Shadow Description/Review

The Coastal Scents Hot Pots are individual shadows that come in a variety of different finishes, including matte, satin and shimmery. Each Hot Pot Individual Shadow comes with 1.5 grams (0.05 ounces) of product

The Coastal Scents Hot Pot’s come in so many different colors and the shade range is massive.There is certainly a shade for everyone and you will find any shade you could think of. All in all, I absolutely LOVE these shadows and I plan on getting every single shade!

The Coastal Scents Hot Pot Shadows cost $2.64 AUD ($1.95 USD) each, which is a really good price. They can be purchased from Coastal Scents Online (link at end)

I am now going to go over and describe and swatch 28 shades in the range that I refer to as my custom palette 2

NOTE- Since there are 28 shades to go through, the best way to keep track of shades you like or want is to start a document in word or in your phone notes with the name of shadows you want while you continue reading.

Row 1

Golden Sienna, Flesh Tone, Copper Pot and Gold Mine

Golden Sienna- Shimmery Sienna Hue with Gold Sparks Shade

Flesh Tone- Shimmery White Gold Shade

Copper Pot- Shimmery Gold Shade

Goldmine- Shimmery Golden Bronze Shade

Caramelized, Deep Merlot, Golden Buttercup

Caramelized- Shimmery Rich Bronze Shade

Deep Merlot – Shimmery Burgundy Silver Shade

Golden Buttercup- Shimmery Golden Yellow Shade

Row 2

Cinnamon Stone, Peach Silver, Champagne Orange and Caramel Ice

Cinnamon Stone- Satin Spicy Music Brown Shade

Peach Silver- Shimmery Creamy Peachy Silver Shade

Champagne Orange- Satin Bubbly Orange Shade

Caramel Ice- Shimmery Pale Caramel Shade

Caramel, Golden Avocado and Pure Bronze

Caramel- Shimmery Warm Rich Brown Shade

Golden Avocado- Shimmery Yellow Gold Shade

Pure Bronze- Shimmery Bronze Gold Shade-

Row 3

Oktoberfest, Gold Strike, Pumpkin Pie and New Penny

Oktoberfest-Matte Orange Brown Shade

Gold Strike- Shimmery Metallic Gold Shade

Pumpkin Pie- Matte Light Orange Brown Shade

New Penny- Shimmery Copper Gold Shade

Sun Worshiper, Cherry Moss and Chai Spice

Sun Worshiper- Shimmery Golden Bronze Shade

Cherry Moss- Shimmery Grey Silver Green Shade

Chai Spice- Shimmery Brown Shade

Row 4

Dark Goldenrod, Gypsy Gold, Sunset Gold and Fools Gold

Dark Goldenrod- Shimmery Bronze Gold Shade

Gypsy Gold- Satin White Gold Shade

Sunset Gold- Shimmery Metallic Gold Shade

Fools Gold- Matte Yellow Gold Shade

Boca Mocha, Oatmeal Tan and Chocolate Berry

Boca Mocha- Shimmery Brown Shade

Oatmeal Tan-Matte Tan Shade

Chocolate Berry-Shimmery Brown Maroon Shade

Row Comparison Swatches

Did you see any shades you liked?? Comment Down Below!!!! 

Where To Buy Coastal Scents Hot Pot Shadows?

Coastal Scents- Coastal Scents Online Site Link

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