Coastal Scents Hot Pot Shadows Part 1- Swatches, Description + Review (28 shades)

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Coastal Scents have a large range of individual shadows called ‘Hot Pots’ and today I am going to be going through 28 shades. I am going to be doing these blogs in parts and each part will have different shades as the shade range is so large.

Description/Review of Coastal Scents Hot Pots

The Coastal Scents Hot Pots are individual shadows that come in a variety of different finishes, including matte, satin and shimmery. Each Hot Pot Individual Shadow comes with 1.5 grams (0.05 ounces) of product The quality of the shadows is high and they are very pigmented. They apply smoothly and there is hardly any fall out at all.  I really like the quality of the shadows and they are so smooth , pigmented and nice to work with.

The Coastal Scents Hot Pot’s come in so many different colors and the shade range is massive.There is certainly a shade for everyone and you will find any shade you could think of. All in all, I absolutely LOVE the Coastal Scents Hot Pot Individual Shadows and I plan on getting every single shade!

The Coastal Scents Hot Pot Shadows cost $2.64 AUD ($1.95 USD) each, which is a really good price for the high quality of the shadows. They can be purchased from Coastal Scents Online (link at end)

I am now going to go over and describe and swatch 28 shades in the range that I refer to as my custom palette 1.

My Coastal Scents Hot Pot Custom Palette 1 Shades

I store my Coastal Scents Hot Pots in an empty custom magnetic palette from Coastal Scents, which has 4 rows of 7 shadows and can fit a total of 28 shadows. You can chose to store individual shadows in empty magnetic palettes or Z palettes, I just find the magnetic palettes better because they are so much cheaper than Z palettes and can fit the same amount of shades. I will include a picture at the end of these two storage palettes.

The shades I keep in this palette that I am going to be swatching today consist mainly of pink and purple type shades but I have put a few golds, silvers  and other shades in also.

Sooooo , let’s get into the shades and swatches in the palette!!!

Row 1 in Palette

Shade 1- Light Pink Shimmery Light Pink Shade

Shade 2- Passion Fruit Pink Matte Bright Pink Shade

Shade 3- Thulian Pink Shimmery Frosty Maroon Shade

Shade 4- Razzmatazz Shimmery Silver and Pink Shade

Shade 5- Vibrant Maroon Satin Maroon Shade

Shade 6- Golden Avocado Shimmery Golden Green Shade

Shade 7- Raspberry Tarte Shimmery Red Violet Shade

pic size- 480

Row 2 in Palette

Shade 1- Peach Puff Matte Pinky Peach Shade

Shade 2- Feisty Fuchsia Satin Pink Fuchsia Shade

Shade 3- Pompano Pink Matte Magenta Shade

Shade 4- Peach Fuzz Shimmery Peach With Silver Hue Shade

Shade 5- Coral Rose Shimmery Coral Pink  Shade

Shade 6- Wisteria Satin Light Lilac Shade

Shade 7- Burnished Wine Shimmery Burgundy Brown Shade

Row 3 in Palette

Shade 1- Victorian Ruby Shimmery Ruby Red Shade

Shade 2- Love Light– Satin Light Baby Pink Shade

Shade 3- Amnesty Shimmery Gemstone Purple Shade

Shade 4- Spice Berry Satin Warm Burgundy Red Shade

Shade 5- Wine Berry Shimmery Magenta Pink Shade

Shade 6- Silver Lilac Shimmery Frosty Lavender Shade

Shade 7- Vibrant Pink Matte Dynamic Pink Shade

Row 4 in Palette

Shade 1- Golden Sienna Shimmery Sienna Gold Shade

Shade 2- Love Spell Matte Pink Shade

Shade 3- Mai Tai Shimmery Mauve With Silver Hue Shade

Shade 4- Root Beer Satin Rich Brown Shade

Shade 5- Autumn Sun Shimmery Yellow Gold Shade

Shade 6- Rustic Maroon Shimmery Maroon Red Shade

Shade 7- Mauve Frost Shimmery Icy Pink Shade

Row Swatch Comparisons

More Coastal Scents Hot Pot Palette 1 Photos

Empty Palettes for Storage

  Coastal Scents Magnetic Palette / Empty Magnetic Eyeshadow Palette

  Z Palette (Various Sizes and Colors Available)

Where To Buy Coastal Scents Hot Pots????

Coastal Scents- Coastal Scents Online Site Link

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