Coastal Scents Hot Pot Individual Shadows Part 4- x30 Shades

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Coastal Scents have a range of shadow pans and today, I am going to be swatching 30 shades out of the range.

Coastal Scents Hot Pot Shadows Description/Review

The Coastal Scents Hot Pot Shadows are individual powder shadow pans that come in multiple shades and finishes. Each hot pot pan contains 1.5 grams (0.05 ounces) of product and is made in China.

The formula of the shadows is really good. Obviously, each shade is different but all the shades I have tried are amazing.. They are available in different levels of pigmentation, so make sure you purchase the ‘opaque’ ones and not the ‘sheer’ ones.

I have multiple posts on the Coastal Scents Hot Pot shadows and I will link them all at the end!

Each individual Hot Pot Shadow costs $2.62 AUD ($1.95 USD) and can be purchased from Coastal Scents Online (link at end)

Now let’s get into the shades and swatches babes!!!

Shades + Swatches

I am going to swatch 30 shades out of the range

Gypsy Blue, Blue Moon, Alpengiest and Ice Ballet

Gypsy Blue

Gypsy Blue is a Satin Grey Blue Shade with Gold Flecks

Blue Moon

Blue Moon is a Shimmery Silver Blue Shade


Alpengist is a Shimmery Platinum Silver Shade

Ice Ballet

Ice Ballet is a Shimmery Frosty Pastal Purple Shade

Frosted Pea, Citron, 18 Karat Gold and Coral Treasure

Frosted Pea

Frosted Pea is a Satin Icy Pastel Green Shade


Citron is a Shimmery Yellow Shade

18 Karat Gold

18 Karat Gold is a Shimmery Glistening Gold Shade

Coral Treasure 

Coral Treasure is a Satin Orange Coral Shade

Celery Ice, Celadron Green, Balsam and Dark Golden Olive

Celery Ice 

Celery Ice is a Shimmery Frosty Light Green Shade

Celadon Green

Celadon Green is a Shimmery Pastel Green Shade


Balsam is a Shimmery Golden Green Shade

Dark Golden Olive

Dark Golden Olive is a Shimmery Deep Green Shade

Cyan Frost, Green Steel, Fantasy Isle and Deep Viridian

Cyan Frost

Cyan Frost is a Shimmery Icy Pastel Blue Shade

Green Steel

Green Steel is a Shimmery Smokey Grey Green Shade

Fantasy Isle

Fantasy Isle is a Shimmery Turquoise Shade

Deep Viridian 

Deep Viridian is a Shimmery Deep Green Shade

Paris Green, Persian Green, Deep Eggplant and Gutsy Grape

Paris Green

Paris Green is a Shimmery Vibrant Green Shade

Persian Green

Persian Green is a Shimmery Icy Green Shade

Deep Eggplant

Deep Eggplant is a Shimmery Dark Blue Purple Shade

Gusty Grape

Gusty Grape is a Matte Purple Shade

Blue Haiwiann, Azure Frost, Aqua Mist and Brandies Blue

Blue Haiwiann

Blue Haiwiann is a Satin Blue Green Shade

Azure Frost

Azure Frost is a Shimmery Icy Blue Shade

Aqua Mist

Aqua Mist is a Shimmery Delicate Blue Shade

Brandies Blue

Brandies Blue is a Shimmery Cobalt Blue Shade

Forest Eve, Cocoa Diamond and Deep Grape

Forest Eve 

Forest Eve is a Shimmery Deep Olive Green Shade

Cocoa Diamond

Cocoa Diamond is a Shimmery Bronzy Brown Shade

Deep Grape 

Deep Grape is a Matte Deep Purple Shade

Peach Brew, Canyon Coral and Coral Blossom

Peach Brew

Peach Brew is a Satin Orange Peach Shade

Canyon Coral

Canyon Coral is a Satin Bronze Coral Shade

Coral Blossom

Coral Blossom is a Satin Vibrant Coral Shade

Swatch Comparisons

Did you see any shades you like? Let me know in the comments below babes!!!

Where To Buy Coastal Scents Hot Pot Shadows??

Coastal Scents- Coastal Scents Online Site Link

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