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Fake Lashes are a must have item and there is so many companies and styles to chose from so it can get a little confusing.  Today, I am going to be talking about my favourite lashes by Ardell, Red Cherry, KoKo, House of Lashes, Dodo Lashes and Eylure. First, I will describe the brand and then I will tell you my favourite styles and at the end I will provide where to buy links for each lash.

It’s important to note that lashes come in so many styles to suit everyone. I like to break lashes down by style into Wispy and Thick.

Wispy Lashes are really long and not heaps thick. They can be worn for any and every occasion, including every day wear along with special occasions. I really like Wispy Lashes and wear them over thicker ones. When you apply Wispy lashes, they just blend into your natural lashes, making you look like you have the best eyelashes ever. They are super easy to put on whereas sometimes thicker type lashes are harder to apply and don’t blend so easily.

Thicker Lashes are more black, thick and shorter than Wispy lashes and go really good on nights out, and if your eye type suits them, can be worn every day too. They can also be used in full dark makeup looks to put the finishing touches on the look.

My all time favourite lashes are Wispy ones!!!!!!! It just comes down to preference.  Now lets get into my favourite brands of fake lashes and styles I like including both thick and wispy lashes.

Ardell Lashes

Ardell Lashes are one of the most popular brands of strip on fake eyelashes and have been for years. They have a variety of different styles to suit everyone . The prices vary depending on what style and how many you get but the individual lashes are $10.00 AUD ($7.71 USD) each and vary all around the world. The multi packs cost a bit more depending on where you buy them but Lady Moss sells them for $12.96 AUD ($9.99 USD) , which is a really good price. Here is my favourite type of Ardell Lashes.

Demi Wispies by Ardell

Style Type: Wispy

Demi Wispies are Ardell Lashes most popular style of lashes and for good reason. These babies are wispy and natural yet they give you the finished look. I wear Demi Wispies a lot and they are such a versatile lash that they suit everyone. They are easy to apply and are just a must have lash to have !!!

Red Cherry Lashes

Red Cherry Lashes are another very popular brand of fake lashes and have been around for a long time. They offer so many styles and I have so many favorites. The price of these vary from place to place depending on how many you buy and where you buy from but they are generally around $6.00 AUD ($4.62 USD) a set. You can also buy them in bulk to save some money from Madame Madeline (Link at End) or Ebay.

Here are some of my favourite styles of Red Cherry Lashes…. 

Red Cherry in 47 Harper

Style Type: Wispy

Red Cherry Lashes in 47 (Harper) are another one of my go to lashes. They are wispy and are my all time favourite lashes by Red Cherry. They blend beautifully into your natural lashes and make them long and prettttyyy.

Other Red Cherry Styles I Like

Red Cherry in 138 Winter

Style Type: Wispy

Red Cherry Lashes in 62

Style Type: Wispy

Red Cherry Lashes in 15 Dontella

Style Type: Wispy

Red Cherry Lashes in 528 Saga

Style Type: Wispy

Red Cherry Lashes in 48 Darla

Style Type: Wispy

KoKo Lashes

KoKo Lashes are an individual lash company that sell  a variety of lashes. Each Lash set is $9.07 AUD ($6.99 USD) each.

KoKo Lashes in Risque 

Style Type: Thick

Risque by KoKo Lashes is a thick style lash with spaces in between some of the lashes. These are a really pretty style that will look awesome for a full look.

KoKo Lashes in Queen B

Style Type: Thick

Queen B by KoKo Lashes are thick style lashes with wispy ends. These will look awesome with a full look and will give you the added wispy effect.

KoKo Lashes in Ariel’ 

Style Type: Thick

Arial by KoKo Lashes is a beautiful criss cross lash with a thick style. They are shorter than Queen B but are very pretty and can be used for an everyday look or for a full look.

House of Lashes

House of Lashes is another popular brand of fake lashes.They have multiple styles to chose from. Each lash set costs $9.07 AUD ($7.00 USD). House of Lashes also sell 3 packs of the lashes for $28.51 AUD ($22.00 USD).

House of Lashes in Boudoir 

Style Type: Thick

Boudoir by House of Lashes is a medium width thick lash. The outer edges and thinner and the middle features more thick, black lashes.

Featherette by House of Lashes

Featherette by House of Lashes is similar to Boudoir but the lashes are shorter and more thick.

Dodo Lashes

Dodo Lashes is a new company that sells a variety of different style lashes.Each lash costs $6.49-$10.37 AUD ($5.00-$8.00 USD). You get free shipping with purchases over $30.00 USD.

Styles I Like by Dodo Lashes

D105 by Dodo Lashes

D105 by Dodo Lashes is one of their favourite styles of Lashes. I love these because they are a cross between Wispy and Thick.

D115 , D119,D201 by Dodo Lashes

D115 by Dodo is a thick lash with some thin wispy ends.

D119 by Dodo is a beautiful thin, wispy lash. It is thicker than D201

D201 by Dodo is a thin, wispy lash. I love this one it’s beautiful.

Eylure x Vagus Nay Lashes

Eylure is a brand of eyelashes that sell a variety of different styles. Specifically, they have a collaboration set of lashes by Vagus Nay and they are my favourite! Each set costs $7.76 AUD ($ 5.99 USD) 

Eylure x Vagus Nay in Shining Star

Style Type: Wispy

Shining Star is a nice wispy type lash from the Vagus Nay collection. They are nice and wispy and look so good with an everyday look and a full look.

My Favourite Lashes out of all these????

Red Cherry in 47 Harper and Ardell Lashes in Demi Wispies. They are just the best every day go to lashes that also look amazing for nights out. I always go to these lashes first!! 

Thanks for reading babes and I hope you found this post helpful. Let me know what style and brand are your favorites!!!

Where to Buy Mentioned Lashes??

Ardell Lashes > Crush Cosmetics, Madame Madeline, Lady Moss

Crush Cosmetics Official Store Link (AU),  Lady Moss Official Site Link ,

Demi Wispy Multi Packs> Ebay, Lady Moss

Lady Moss Site Link

Red Cherry Lashes> Crush Cosmetics, Madame Madeline, Ebay

 , Crush Cosmetics Official LinkMadame Madine Official Site Link

KoKo Lashes>  Lady Moss – Lady Moss Official Site Link

House of Lashes> House of Lashes  –  House of Lashes Official Store Link

Dodo Lashes> Dodo Lashes – Dodo Lashes Official Site Link

Eylure x Vagus Ney Lashes> Madame Madeline – Madame Madeline Official Site Link

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