Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette Mini Review + Arm Swatches

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Today I am going to be talking about and swatching the new ABH Soft Glam Palette!!

ABH Soft Glam Palette Description, Product Info + Mini Review

The ABH Cosmetics Soft Glam Palette is a 14-pan pressed powder palette that contains eyeshadows in metallic, shimmery and matte finishes. Each eyeshadow contains 0.74 grams (0.02 ounces) of product, giving the palette a total of 10.36 grams (0.28 ounces) of product. The eyeshadows are made in the USA, the brush is made in China and the shadows have a shelf life of 18 months.

The formula is really good and is the same as the formula is in the Modern Renaissance and Prism palettes, which is really good in my opinion.

The mattes are pigmented, blend extremely easy, build up good and are smooth and easy to work with. I didn’t find that any of the shades were patchy, muddy or hard to blend out and they didn’t have any fall-out or kick up in the pan or on the face.  The shimmery and foiled shades are also extremely pigmented and work extremely well on the eyes. They come up good on the lid alone, but I did find, like most shimmery shades, that they go brighter when applied over concealer (cut lid) and when applied slightly damp.

In regards to the colour selection in the palette, I really like it and you can create so many different looks. The ratio of shimmery shades to matte shades means that you are able to create looks that are completely different from one another, and you can use different mattes with different shimmers to produce extremely different results.  The palette deffo has enough mattes and enough shimmers, which is good because some palettes tend to have more shimmery shades than matte shades, which makes it hard to work with and get variability out of. Soft Glam is a neutral palette, meaning it can be used everyday or can be used to create extremely bold, bright looks, making it a good everyday, go-to palette.

All in all, I absolutely love the Soft Glam Palette!! I am going to be posting a full review and talking about each shade in depth, but for now here are some looks I have created with the palette. After the looks, I am going to get into arm swatches!!

Now Let’s get onto the arm swatches babes!!!!!!!!!

Row 1 in Palette First 4

Shade 1 Tempora

Tempora is a Matte Creamy Ivory Shade

Shade 2 Glistening

Glistening is a Shimmery Soft Gold Shade

Shade 3 Orange Soda

Orange Soda is a Matte Orange Shade

Shade 4– Rose Pink

Rose Pink is a Shimmery Rose Pink Shade

Row 1 in Palette Last 3

Shade 5 Sultry

Sultry is a Shimmery Red Brown Shade

Shade 6 Bronze

Bronze is a Shimmery Gold Shade

Shade 7 Mulberry

Mulberry is a Matte Deep Burgundy Shade

Row 2 in Palette First 4

Shade 8 Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose is a Matte Muted Purple Shade

Shade 9 Fairy

Fairy is a Shimmery Gold Shade

Shade 10 Burnt Orange

Burnt Orange is a Matte Orange Brown Shade

Shade 11– Sienna

Sienna is a Matte Red Brown Shade

Row 2 in Palette Last 4

Shade 12 Rustic

Rustic is a Matte Warm Brown Shade

Shade 13 Burnt Umber

Burnt Umber is a Matte Cool Toned Brown Shade

Shade 14 Noir

Noir is a Matte Black Shade

Swatch Comparisons

What do you think of the ABH Soft Glam Palette?? Have you got it or do you want it?? Let me know in the comments below babes!!!!

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